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Avanti Anisette (5) Reviews [view details]

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"An ok smoke"
Mehdi in Edmonton April 25, 2014
"I'm the 3rd generation to smoke Avani"
Although there is an inconsistency with flavor and construction it's an overall great cigar
Larry in NH October 9, 2013
"Great relaxing, smooth smoke"
I was recently introduced to this cigar and I love love love it. I keep buying the 5 packs. I enjoy the smell, the flavor, and the draw. The smoke lasts a nice while, enough time to enjoy a quiet self moment. Very smooth, gentle, enjoyable cigar, especially if you like anisette, which I do.
Irvin in Philadelphia, PA September 29, 2013
"The first cigar I've ever put out prematurely"
Don't get me wrong, the Anisette posses great (and powerful) anise flavor, which combined with a beautifully rustic appearance, creamy white smoke on an easy draw and peachy-tan/black ash makes this a great smoke for licorice lovers. However, the anise flavor is so strong it overpowers any hint of bourbon (which I did not even notice) or tobacco flavor; it is also such a sweet cigar that I had to put mine out early in fear of the creeping diabetes. All jokes aside, it is a surprisingly slow cigar (what I though would be a 15 min. smoke could have lasted over half an hour had I let it) and if you are a big fan of anise/black licorice than this may be an excellent smoke for you.
A. Smoker in MN July 22, 2013
"From very hard draw to very easy draw"
I loved the taste, but stopped smoking them for 1/2 year. Started buying them again because of the taste. Wow, now the draw is very easy got 50 all easy draw now I have 100 more. Still a very easy draw, they fixed the problem. I guess they read all the bad reviews.
steve in 11552 May 24, 2013
"Excellent small cigar!"
These are my favorite small cigar! Great flavor, smooth smoking, excellent burn %26 holds ash like larger cigars.
BillHug51 in Louisville ,KY April 28, 2013
"Not consistent and Should be cheaper, small cigar"
Used to be better and more consistent. Holes and size varies and since they are machine made they should always be the same every cigar. Also some other cigars the same size are approx: $28.00 NOT $37.00 oh sorry $36.99
Al P in N.Y. May 18, 2012
"One of my favorites for 40 years"
I've smoked 'em all from cheap to expensive these are still great lit or unlit.
PP in Ohio April 14, 2012
"There not like they used to be"
I like these cigars But lately they are rolled to tight & to skinny at tip I HAVE to stick wire in tip to get a good draw.I don"t think i will buy anymore.
Sam in Pa January 25, 2012
"Out of this World"
Let me tell you!i have tried a lot of cigars in my time,but this cigar is the best i have ever placed on my lips!it is by far the most smooth,sweet,and mild.No harsh after taste left in your mouth like most cigars do.The blend of Tobaccos and licorice are superb!For the money,it is the best cigar in the world.In ballgame terms,they hit a grand slam!with this one.
Lenny S in Sevierville,Tennessee January 15, 2012
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10 Consistency (78) 100
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10 Appearance (80) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (76) 100
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