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Avanti Anisette (5) Reviews [view details]

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Man you had better like anise, which I do but these have only taste of anise and no tobacco taste what so ever. I threw them away
in June 23, 2011
"Inconsistent but worth it"
I sometimes crave this smoke with its licorice taste and aroma, not so strong as to be too sweet. You still taste the hearty tobacco. One major flaw is consistency; some are sweeter than others, some have perfect draw, some suffer from being too packed or having slight holes. Even size can vary. But I can say burn is amazing. It's the slowest burning small cigar I've ever had, a smoke usually lasts 30-45 minutes. You also don't have to worry about drying out (a problem with Backwoods) as the fire-curing helps the cigar retain moisture. One bulk box can last you without having to worry about a humidor. In fact, keep it far away from your humidor as excess moisture ruins its taste and texture. I love how the cigar resembles a tree branch. Mark Twain would be proud. Overall, a box even with the risks of the occasion dud is totally worth it as a change-up from your usual handmades. Go rent a log cabin and smoke one on the front porch.
Casey in Omaha, NE May 25, 2011
"Packed with anisette!"
These things would be great for a person looking for a full flavored anisette cigar. I on the other hand misjudged how much flavor they would have. All I can say is if you buy these, you have to really like anisetter. Other than that they have typical construction and great packaging.
Chris in Orlando, Fla February 18, 2011
"My favorite cigars!"
I first tried these cigars when I was living in NC. I absolutely love them. They're very smooth and taste great. I took some to Iraq and enjoyed them on the roof.
Devin Kasper in Fargo, ND December 12, 2010
"Great Taste and Flavorful"
These cigars have a very unique taste. They are very dense and hard as by their design. Super slow burning. Low ash. I recently came across an older cigar smoker that had a stock pile of the anisette flavored cigars(15-20 years old). These cigars never go bad due to the fact that you dont need a humidor to keep them. A must have for any aficionado.
Rich in Philadelphia October 31, 2010
"You better like anise"
I didn't like this one at all. The one thing I will say is that it will cut down the number of cigars I smoke till I get rid of these.
Sam in Alabama October 14, 2010
"Great if you like anise flavor"
Great anise flavor, and not a mild cigar by any standard. But it tastes good. Dry cured and awesome.
Andrew in Johnston, IA July 26, 2010
"excellent flavor and smell"
I have smoked many brands mainly drew estates and cao but when i thought back to my younger years i rembered that wonderfull anise smell and sure enough same great smell and taste and yes the ends might be rough so out comes the cutter for an excellent draw by far a ten for me
Brian k in dundalk md April 27, 2010
"Very tasty"
very tasty and relaxing, must order more!
Chitlinray in Marysville,CA April 24, 2009
"the BEST cigar I`ve ever smoked.Great taste-smell"
love your avanti` smaii problem,a lot of them i get have air-leaks near the end that goes in the mouth.they allso are lacking that nice anisette taste and best of all that "SMELL".
Steve Marshall in Vermont May 19, 2008
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