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Avanti Reviews

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Avanti Anisette (5)
"From very hard draw to very easy draw"
I loved the taste, but stopped smoking them for 1/2 year. Started buying them again because of the taste. Wow, now the draw is very easy got 50 all easy draw now I have 100 more. Still a very easy draw, they fixed the problem. I guess they read all the bad reviews.
steve in 11552 May 24, 2013
Avanti Anisette (5)
"Excellent small cigar!"
These are my favorite small cigar! Great flavor, smooth smoking, excellent burn %26 holds ash like larger cigars.
BillHug51 in Louisville ,KY April 28, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
"I Love Them"
At first I didn't think I would like them but once I tried them I'm hooked, Box every 2 weeks.
Randall in Pahrump,Nevada April 24, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
"Taste is robust, but very difficult draw"
The taste and smell are both good, but the draw is terrible. I tend to like a restricted draw as it prolongs the smoke and you dont tend to waste too much while walking around, but the draw on this is absurdly difficult, cant say for sure if this is a one off problem.
MDH in Fairbanks, Alaska April 17, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
"simply the best"
After trying several over priced cigars I saw the cheroot and said what the heck. The Kentucky cheroot is by far the best cigar and now my all time favorite.
Larry in Fresno Ca February 27, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
"Marvelous taste of the Old West"
These little babies might just be the best bang for your buck stogies on the market. I've made them my everyday cigar for the past two years now. The wrapper features a light, sweet flavor and the smoke is just pure Kentucky-Tennessee high quality tobacco. Smoke these and you won't regret it. Me and Clint Eastwood say so ;)
Jeremy in Virginia February 13, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
"Made me switch"
I was smoking a different brand,but when I tried Kentucky Cheroots I was hooked that's all I want now.
Randall in Pahrump,Nevada February 5, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
""Classic Clint""
a great deck,fishing, and truck companion also good with some sour mash whiskey.pure old west.
Anthony in Brick,NJ September 9, 2012
Kentucky Cheroots
"Great smoke, cheap, what else do you need?"
They may not be the prettiest cigars around, but these things taste great. Slightly sweet taste from the wrapper, full rich and earthy tobacco flavor from the smoke. Excellent draw, lots of white smoke on each puff. Burned very even for me, a nice sharp straight line all the way down. I cut these in half sometimes for a quick smoke while watering the garden. I recommend these for a new smoker, or even a vet who's willing to look past the cheap price tag. And of course any Clint Eastwood fans will get a thrill from it :)
Kruk in IL July 17, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
"Not consistent and Should be cheaper, small cigar"
Used to be better and more consistent. Holes and size varies and since they are machine made they should always be the same every cigar. Also some other cigars the same size are approx: $28.00 NOT $37.00 oh sorry $36.99
Al P in N.Y. May 18, 2012
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