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Kentucky Cheroots
"Made me switch"
I was smoking a different brand,but when I tried Kentucky Cheroots I was hooked that's all I want now.
Randall in Pahrump,Nevada February 5, 2013
Kentucky Cheroots
""Classic Clint""
a great deck,fishing, and truck companion also good with some sour mash whiskey.pure old west.
Anthony in Brick,NJ September 9, 2012
Kentucky Cheroots
"Great smoke, cheap, what else do you need?"
They may not be the prettiest cigars around, but these things taste great. Slightly sweet taste from the wrapper, full rich and earthy tobacco flavor from the smoke. Excellent draw, lots of white smoke on each puff. Burned very even for me, a nice sharp straight line all the way down. I cut these in half sometimes for a quick smoke while watering the garden. I recommend these for a new smoker, or even a vet who's willing to look past the cheap price tag. And of course any Clint Eastwood fans will get a thrill from it :)
Kruk in IL July 17, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
"Not consistent and Should be cheaper, small cigar"
Used to be better and more consistent. Holes and size varies and since they are machine made they should always be the same every cigar. Also some other cigars the same size are approx: $28.00 NOT $37.00 oh sorry $36.99
Al P in N.Y. May 18, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
"One of my favorites for 40 years"
I've smoked 'em all from cheap to expensive these are still great lit or unlit.
PP in Ohio April 14, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
"There not like they used to be"
I like these cigars But lately they are rolled to tight & to skinny at tip I HAVE to stick wire in tip to get a good draw.I don"t think i will buy anymore.
Sam in Pa January 25, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
"Out of this World"
Let me tell you!i have tried a lot of cigars in my time,but this cigar is the best i have ever placed on my lips!it is by far the most smooth,sweet,and mild.No harsh after taste left in your mouth like most cigars do.The blend of Tobaccos and licorice are superb!For the money,it is the best cigar in the world.In ballgame terms,they hit a grand slam!with this one.
Lenny S in Sevierville,Tennessee January 15, 2012
Avanti Anisette (5)
Man you had better like anise, which I do but these have only taste of anise and no tobacco taste what so ever. I threw them away
Lenny S in Sevierville,Tennessee January 15, 2012 June 23, 2011
Avanti Anisette (5)
"Inconsistent but worth it"
I sometimes crave this smoke with its licorice taste and aroma, not so strong as to be too sweet. You still taste the hearty tobacco. One major flaw is consistency; some are sweeter than others, some have perfect draw, some suffer from being too packed or having slight holes. Even size can vary. But I can say burn is amazing. It's the slowest burning small cigar I've ever had, a smoke usually lasts 30-45 minutes. You also don't have to worry about drying out (a problem with Backwoods) as the fire-curing helps the cigar retain moisture. One bulk box can last you without having to worry about a humidor. In fact, keep it far away from your humidor as excess moisture ruins its taste and texture. I love how the cigar resembles a tree branch. Mark Twain would be proud. Overall, a box even with the risks of the occasion dud is totally worth it as a change-up from your usual handmades. Go rent a log cabin and smoke one on the front porch.
Casey in Omaha, NE May 25, 2011
Kentucky Cheroots
"Kentucky kid, born and raised, tastes like home."
I am a Kentucky kid, born and raised. This cheroot takes me all the way back to the tobacco barns where I helped hang the tobacco crop with my uncles and cousins. This is what tobacco is supposed to taste like.
REd in Daytona Beach April 14, 2011
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