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Avo Classic Reviews

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Avo Classic Puritos (10)
"Terrible For Me"
Decided to try Avos as a friend liked them. One of the ones I tried was the Puritos for a quick smoke. The batch I got tasted terrible. Left a bad after taste in my mouth. I know they are not the same kind of stick, but staying with the Ashton Classic Half Corona. These are far better for the short smoke.
TJ72 in New Jersey January 10, 2015
Avo Classic Original #5
"Was Ok"
Ok cigar. Average taste. Probably wouldn't buy again as there are better ones in the same price class
TJ72 in New Jersey January 10, 2015
Avo Classic Original Robusto
"One of the better mediums"
The draw was a little tight, and the flavors were rather primary, so perhaps a little aging in the humidor would be recommended for this Dominican. One of the better mediums, but I still much rather prefer the Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro.
Stefan in San Francisco August 25, 2013
Avo Classic Original Piramides
"I need more of this one!!!"
Got this one in a sampler. Very smooth burning smoke, with a great taste. The burn was perfect and was one of the better that I have had. Needless to say I will purchase of box of this AVO.
Kevin in Baltimore June 2, 2013
Avo Classic Original #2
After trying a whole bunch of cigars, this is my everyday smoke.. Smooth flavor, burns nice, too.
Jerry A in Oyster Bay, NY April 15, 2013
Avo Classic Original #2
"Good, but...."
this cigar tastes decent, but i think i received one bad stick and not sure about the rest. didn't impact the taste, but it kept cracking vertically from the burn line. i'm hoping it's the only one out of the pack i bought. if not, i'm gonna be pretty unhappy. overall, i'd rather buy the griffins 300s in the future over these. similar cigars, but the griffins are cheaper/stick.
K in NYC February 13, 2013
Avo Classic Original #2
"Awesome cigar!"
Very good loved it didnt want it to end, Smooth and creamy a must try
coz in seattle January 7, 2013
Avo Classic Original #9
"This is my favoraite all time cigar!!!"
In my opinion, the only cigar better than this is a cuban. THis has the bezst draw, best look, best appearance, best taste, and lasts forever! I once put one down(I know, tragic) and came back fifteen minutes later. It looked like it had gone out, ,but one draw, and I was in heaven again! Beautiful! I haven't had one in probably 10 years, but I think of this cigar all the time! WOULD LOVE to pick one up and smoke another one!
Scott in Maybee, MI October 9, 2012
Avo Classic Original Piramides
"not worth the money"
First time buying these cigars, and the last time. The burn is inconsistent, the draw is weak, and the taste is bland
Phil in Flemington, NJ May 25, 2012
Avo Classic Original #2
"Good and big 50 ring"
These cigars are large and properly humidified will burn over an hour. They have a creamy soft texture with good smoke and some carmel and nut changes. They also tend to be a little chalky and leave a dry mouth. There is no after effect from smoking them as theyre tasty and medium to mild. I think for a toro you have to have time to smoke them. Excellent burn characteristics.
Chris in Milwaukee May 2, 2012
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