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Avo Classic Reviews

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Avo Classic Original #2
"Great Cigar"
Very Solid Cigar. Mr Uvezian has put his Armenian American artistic and creative touches on a high end cigar. The cigar burns even, the taste is smooth but not too mild. You are constantly engaged to to keep puffing, this will be a go to cigar in your collection.
Hman in Long Island,NY April 15, 2012
Avo Classic Original #3 (4 Pk)
Never liked cigars until I had the Avo #3 it was a very nice smooth enjoyable smoke with a perfect taste
Paul P November 24, 2011
Avo Classic Puritos (10)
"Nice Smooth Little Smoke"
Very smooth and a good smoke will buy again.
Tom T. in Indiana October 4, 2011
Avo Classic Original #3 (4 Pk)
"great smoke"
a great smoke. i have had six of them and each one is better than the last.
jc in atlanta July 29, 2011
Avo Classic Original Robusto
"excellent,need i say more"
truly enjoyable smoke,even burn,very nice overall.
paul l in wyoming July 10, 2010
Avo Classic Original #2
"A Great Cigar"
I tried an AVO #2 on a whim and couldn't believe how good it was. Great draw, delicious creamy smoke, smooth taste to the finish. I went back to the cigar store and bought more. The #2 is now my favorite cigar!
Kevin in New Jersey July 10, 2010
Avo Classic Original Piramides
"Great smoke...nice even burn"
Since it is part of the Davidoff family but for much less money, I thought it would be worth a try. Was greatly impressed and may make this "my favorite" now in place of the original Davidoff! Taste was mild and not one of those that you taste for 2 days later and can't get rid of it no matter how many times you brush your teeth! The burn was perfectly even with all 4 of the cigars I have smoked thus far. Burn time was about an hour which is just enough time to enjoy a smoke without getting tired of it...and believe me...yoy won't get tired of this one!!!! Would recommend this to anyone who truely enjoys a good smoke.
David in Ludlow, Ma. April 15, 2010
Avo Classic Original #2
"I LOVE Avo#2 cigars. It's what I smoke."
This cigar was recommended by the young owner of one of the most famous smoke shops in New York City as what he smokes so I bought one and loved it. Now, it's really all I smoke. It tastes great and is the easiest on my sensitive throat of any cigar I've ever smoked. A true pleasure.
Monte in East Hampton, NY August 3, 2009
Avo Classic Original #2
"Very Good"
Perfect cigar. Completely satisfied. No surprises, exactly what you want from a cigar. Good draw, taste, burn... I'm going to buy a box next time. I wish I bought another one.
Jay in NJ May 28, 2009
Avo Classic Original #9
"my favorite everyday smoke"
the only time I dont smoke AVO's is when someone gives me something else as a gift. If I am buying it is AVO.
Mike in Renton,WA April 18, 2009
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