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Avo Classic Reviews

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Avo Classic Robusto
"Best cigar for the price"
This is my new favorite smoke. The price is reasonable. The taste and draw are excellent. I will order more boxes in the future.
Brad in Nevada January 11, 2009
Avo Classic #2
""Mild, but a lot of flavor""
About a 35 to 45 minute smoke for me. Great flavor, yet mild on the finish.
Steve in memphis, tn January 5, 2009
Avo Classic #5
"Very clean taste"
I bought a 5 pack, and it arrived today. Usually I would let them sit in the humidor for a few weeks, but my brother recommended then highly. I'm glad I tried them! Great burn, draw, and bite. The taste was like a breath of fresh air. Creamy, but not left no coating on the pallet. The wrapper of this first one fell apart a bit about 3/4 of the way through, but not enough to really bother me. The finish was creamy with a hint of cedar, and spice. I will definitely make sure I keep some of these in my humidor at all times!
smollock in CA January 4, 2009
Avo Classic Puritos (10)
"Great Little Quick Smoke!!!"
Great little quick smoke. Perfect for a short walk or ride.
MJPII in New Jersey December 4, 2008
Avo Classic #5
"Always a great smoke"
AVO #5 - These are one of my wifes and my favorite smokes. Their taste, smell and burn are hard to beat. Avo is always an enjoyable Cigar and the 5 lacks nothing. A great smoke at a very fair price. Half a box free at street prices.
Gary in Kingston August 25, 2008
Avo Classic Puritos (10)
"full flavor, very satisfying small cigar"
I will be buying more of these AVO classics, full flavor very complex cigar. I will need to buy more soon.
David C. in Oregon July 29, 2008
Avo Classic #2
"Not worth the money"
I heard alot of great reviews about this cigar...It was just an everyday average cigar...I thank god i didnot just go off reviews and buy a box of these cigars....They are not worth the over 8 bucks a stick price...Their are cigars on the market that are way better...Not real happy with this cigar...
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 22, 2008
Avo Classic #9
"very impressed"
I found one that I had lost a couple years ago and decided to try it out,it was pretty good considering it had been out of the humidor for 2 and a half years!It burned evenly without shedding,taste was diminshed but still pretty good
alex in fresno February 17, 2008
Avo Classic #3
This cigar was rated 88 by "Cigar Aficianado" in Februrary 2005. It has a creamy Connecticut Shade wrapper with thin veins, with Dominican fillers and binder. Well-constructed with an easy draw, it maintains consistent sweet wood flavors that stay on the palate long after the smoke. Mild and enjoyable; a comfort cigar.
Mark in Annapolis, MD January 26, 2008
Avo Classic #2
First couple cigars great then last 5 have been plugged and cannot draw. Have to use a wooden bbq stick so I can smoke them. For what I paid it was a bad purchase. Will be glad when I have smoked all of them.
David McKinsey in CO July 2, 2007
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