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Avo Classic #2 Reviews [view details]

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After trying a whole bunch of cigars, this is my everyday smoke.. Smooth flavor, burns nice, too.
Jerry A in Oyster Bay, NY April 15, 2013
"Good, but...."
this cigar tastes decent, but i think i received one bad stick and not sure about the rest. didn't impact the taste, but it kept cracking vertically from the burn line. i'm hoping it's the only one out of the pack i bought. if not, i'm gonna be pretty unhappy. overall, i'd rather buy the griffins 300s in the future over these. similar cigars, but the griffins are cheaper/stick.
K in NYC February 13, 2013
"Awesome cigar!"
Very good loved it didnt want it to end, Smooth and creamy a must try
coz in seattle January 7, 2013
"Good and big 50 ring"
These cigars are large and properly humidified will burn over an hour. They have a creamy soft texture with good smoke and some carmel and nut changes. They also tend to be a little chalky and leave a dry mouth. There is no after effect from smoking them as theyre tasty and medium to mild. I think for a toro you have to have time to smoke them. Excellent burn characteristics.
Chris in Milwaukee May 2, 2012
"Great Cigar"
Very Solid Cigar. Mr Uvezian has put his Armenian American artistic and creative touches on a high end cigar. The cigar burns even, the taste is smooth but not too mild. You are constantly engaged to to keep puffing, this will be a go to cigar in your collection.
Hman in Long Island,NY April 15, 2012
"A Great Cigar"
I tried an AVO #2 on a whim and couldn't believe how good it was. Great draw, delicious creamy smoke, smooth taste to the finish. I went back to the cigar store and bought more. The #2 is now my favorite cigar!
Kevin in New Jersey July 10, 2010
"I LOVE Avo#2 cigars. It's what I smoke."
This cigar was recommended by the young owner of one of the most famous smoke shops in New York City as what he smokes so I bought one and loved it. Now, it's really all I smoke. It tastes great and is the easiest on my sensitive throat of any cigar I've ever smoked. A true pleasure.
Monte in East Hampton, NY August 3, 2009
"Very Good"
Perfect cigar. Completely satisfied. No surprises, exactly what you want from a cigar. Good draw, taste, burn... I'm going to buy a box next time. I wish I bought another one.
Jay in NJ May 28, 2009
"Damaged Order but Great Taste"
First things first. I received 3 of these on an auction order, and all three were damaged out of the box. The foot of each cigar was smashed, and wrappers were split open for three quarters of an inch. Adding to this, there was excess glue from the ring smeared all over the wrapper of one. Given these issues, I was hopeful for a successful and enjoyable smoke, but not overly optimistic. The good news is it was smokeable despite the problems, and the flavor was wonderful. This is the definition of a creamy smoke. It burnt a little crooked because of the damaged wrapper, but it had a beautiful draw, a great smoke volume, and a smooth flavor that developed to toasty oak with lots of texture, and just a hint of tingle on the finish. It got a little hot with 2 inches to go, and I ditched it earlier than I had wanted to, but all in all, I was relieved to have gotten as much out of it as I did, especially considering the problems.
Rick in Riverside CA March 30, 2009
"Great cigars, worth the money."
I was turned on to these cigars by the owner of one of the most famous cigar stores in New York City, where these cigars cost A LOT more money! He smoked them and only them on a regular basis and I can see why. They taste great, they leave you feeling healthy with no cough ever, unlike many cigars I've smoked. I love 'em. Thanks Famous for carrying them.
Monte in New York February 16, 2009
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