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Avo Classic #2 Reviews [view details]

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""Mild, but a lot of flavor""
About a 35 to 45 minute smoke for me. Great flavor, yet mild on the finish.
Steve in memphis, tn January 5, 2009
"Not worth the money"
I heard alot of great reviews about this cigar...It was just an everyday average cigar...I thank god i didnot just go off reviews and buy a box of these cigars....They are not worth the over 8 bucks a stick price...Their are cigars on the market that are way better...Not real happy with this cigar...
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 22, 2008
First couple cigars great then last 5 have been plugged and cannot draw. Have to use a wooden bbq stick so I can smoke them. For what I paid it was a bad purchase. Will be glad when I have smoked all of them.
David McKinsey in CO July 2, 2007
"Excellent Cigar for both beginners and veterans"
This is a great cigar for any beginner! Lots of thick, creamy and rich smoke, with a smooth and mild blend and finish down to the nub. One of my favorites and I always keep a box of them in my humidor. Mild enough to make a great breakfast cigar, yet enough flavor for the golf course. I highly recommend them.
Carl in Cincinnati, Ohio June 3, 2007
"Smooth, good everyday smoke!"
I recieved this cigar as a part of a sampler, it was one of the best medium cigars I've had in a long time. It burned very well and held a very long ash. This is a very well made smoke.
David H. in Columbus, GA February 27, 2006
"AVO #2"
Well Boy"s I need to buy this cigar!! If its better than bad sex as Willi says ( Read Below) then I guess its better than no sex as a married guy! Yeah that why all of us married guys smoke cigars anyway! Hey Gary send me a free box before I order mine! OUT!
Mark Kyser in Michigan January 9, 2006
"Smoooooth ~ Just flat tastes expensive!"
The Avo #2 is absolutely one of my favorites! When I'd dream of what a perfect cigar should taste like, this is it. Very, very smooth with great body, but never harsh or a bite. Great looks, smoke, aroma, burn, draw (1 of them was a tiny bit tight) and especially the taste! I've probably sampled 30 different brands of mostly high end pedigree and Avo is defintely in the top 2-3. I've never had the opportunity to try a Davidoff, but this is what I'd imagine they'd taste like. You won't regret a purchase of these.
sdjohn in December 22, 2005
"Hands Down BAR NONE One of My Favorites"
OK well... HMMM I have smoked pretty much every big name cigar there is, and I have had some damn good smokes, I used to Buy Leon Jimenes Smokes by the box, then moved over to Macanudos, and Cohiba Red Dots, but the ones that have always been my favorite smoke is the AVO#2 and the AVO Robusto's.. and I usually keep several top label cigars in my Humidors and there is always AVO Cigars right next to the Aurtoro Fuente and Cohiba, and Macanudo cigars, the price is actually very good compared to some of the others that have far less taste and character, so with all that said I just have to tell you if you try only one cigar in your life, you would be well suited to make it an AVO
Billy C in Sunny Florida July 10, 2005
"A Rewarding Second Glance"
When I took the first few draws off of the AVO, I had the dreadful feeling that I had found yet another overrated cigar... it tasted a bit dirty and bitter. However, I think that I just got a bad one. For as the burn continued, this baby came alive! GREAT taste and rich flavor. Luckily, I had another in my humidor so that I could check the consistancy, and it was great from start to finish. This is a must try and will definitely be an occasional smoke for me.
Shawn in Orange County, CA January 26, 2005
"Awesome Everday Cigar"
Always fresh, very nice cigar. I always keeps some in my humidor for when I want no suprises. Wrapper is always perfect, ash is white, and it brings a tangy, spicy flavor . This is a cigar that you can count on!
Jack Vann in Houston June 27, 2000
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10 Consistency (88) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (91) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (91) 100
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