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Avo Classic #5 Reviews [view details]

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"Very clean taste"
I bought a 5 pack, and it arrived today. Usually I would let them sit in the humidor for a few weeks, but my brother recommended then highly. I'm glad I tried them! Great burn, draw, and bite. The taste was like a breath of fresh air. Creamy, but not left no coating on the pallet. The wrapper of this first one fell apart a bit about 3/4 of the way through, but not enough to really bother me. The finish was creamy with a hint of cedar, and spice. I will definitely make sure I keep some of these in my humidor at all times!
smollock in CA January 4, 2009
"Always a great smoke"
AVO #5 - These are one of my wifes and my favorite smokes. Their taste, smell and burn are hard to beat. Avo is always an enjoyable Cigar and the 5 lacks nothing. A great smoke at a very fair price. Half a box free at street prices.
Gary in Kingston August 25, 2008
"Oh no, another great cigar to add to my list!"
My tobacconist pointed this one out to me right before I was about to leave- I waited, waited, oh what the heck...ahhh money well spent. Everything from the start to finish was enjoyable. It was mild enough to be "mild" but enough flavor to satisfy. Even burn, white long ash, and smooth cool smoke. So how much is a box of these, I know what I want for christmas! :-)
Eric D. in Maryland August 14, 2006
"A perfect cigar!!!"
One very short phrase says all about the AVO Classic #5.......A perfect cigar!!! A little expensive for an everyday cigar, however having a box or two in my humidor sure makes it difficult to pass one by.
Smokey Greenawalt in PA July 26, 2006
Wonderful cigar, I smoked my first one last week while playing golf at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, CA. The cigar was 10 times better than my golf. It was 10 strokes under Par. I normally smoke Macanudo's 1997 and 1993's. This cigar was as good or better.
Clyde Schiller in Little Rock Arkansas February 15, 2003
I have only had 1 of these and found a nice wrapper (although a bit tender),creamy,with a hint of pepper and mint (i know, mint? ).A grey even burning ash, a bit loose, easy draw.Construction was a bit loose. An ok cigar, but at $8.00 i want an Ashton.
WAYNE in Tampa May 14, 2001
"A Great Mild Cigar with no Bite!"
I have smoked this cigar for several years. I have been living in South America for the past four years and have enjoyed several good Cuban cigars on a routine basis. However, when I want a good mild cigar that is easy to smoke, I alway reach for the Avo #5. Box after box it is extremely dependable to be the same quality of smoke - mild, no bite and a good white ash.
John McClellan in Mobile, AL July 7, 2000
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