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Avo Domaine Reviews

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Avo Domaine Original #50
"A Complete Joy"
The shape, taste, aroma and draw are hard to match anywhere. Sit down, light up and relax. This cigar is what it's all about. Run, don't walk to purchase them.
Joe S in New York May 6, 2008
Avo Domaine Original #30
"A full cigar that smokes so MILD"
A full cigar that smokes so Mild
William D. Bell in Westminster, Maryland April 8, 2008
Avo Domaine Original #10
"I've never smoked an Avo I didn't like"
While not as flavorful as the Maduro, this is a really nice cigar. The one thing that always impresses me about Avo is their construction and consistency so I am surprised by some of the other reviews.
btg in Michigan March 9, 2008
Avo Domaine Original #20
An amazing smoke. Smoked it down to the fingers and never had to ash it. Awesome construction and wonderful taste. Highly recommend!
Joel in Stephenville, TX February 4, 2008
Avo Domaine Original #10
"Great cigar!"
I really did like this cigar and will probably buy more of these. It hit just the spot for me in taste. The wrapper and construction were excellent. The cigar was mild but a really good smoke. This is a good cigar for beginner and experienced alike. I give it 8.0 Could have had more complexity but overall a great cigar in construction, burn and taste.
Bob in Missouri August 24, 2007
Avo Domaine Original #50
I really wanted to like this cigar, but it just didn't work out. Somewhat of an inconsistant burn and a VERY DISAPPOINTING, ONE DIMENSIONAL FLAVOR. All of the expected nuances just didn't materialize. It is a beautifully constructed cigar, looks GREAT, draws GREAT, but just not worth the price. I love AVO cigars, but this one just didn't deliver.
Tom W., in Newburgh, IN July 10, 2006
Avo Domaine Original #50
The appearence, burn and construction was flawless on this cigar. However, the taste was smooth at first then got really harsh towards the middle and end. If you like that kind of cigar then you will love this one.
Bill in Connecticut May 8, 2006
Avo Domaine Sampler
"Positively one of my all time favorites!"
Interesting to read some of the negative comments on this cigar (Domaine #30). To each their own I say, and I suppose I should be glad some don't care for them if simply to keep them cheaper at auction! The ONLY fault I had was a bit of canoeing that was brief and fixed itself - that's it. The draw was perfect, looks great, and taste was unbelieveible from start to finish! Medium and flavorful. I've loved Avos for quite a while, and they are my "go to" when I don't want to take any chances. This one set a new high water mark and is quite possibly the best cigar I've ever smoked! Good thing we live in the good 'ol U.S. of A. where diffences of opinion are the spice of life.
john in san diego January 17, 2006
Avo Domaine Original #10
"At $2.00 a stick I would still pass"
I bought this in a sample pack. My first impression was what a well made cigar. The density was perfect and the wrapper was smooth and looked promising. After using a 9mm punch I drew through it a couple of times and the taste was a pungent bitter one though the draw was good. Once it was lit, the taste was a big let down. It still was bitter and unpleasant. After about a ΒΌ of the way through, some of the bitterness was gone, but the taste became bland and boring and that never changed. I will give this stick credit for an even burn and excellent draw but with a horrid taste, what good is a well made cigar. For what you get I consider the price to be an insult.
Roger S in Ohio December 26, 2005
Avo Domaine Original #30
Absolutly fantastic smoke. Great creamy smooooothhhhh as silk, wonderful aroma.
Bull Shippey in Enumclaw WA August 28, 2005
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