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Avo Domaine Reviews

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Avo Domaine Original #10
I have been a fan of the Avo Pyramide for years, and this cigar is twice as good--everything you wouold expect from a Davidoff cigar. It has plenty of body and spice and easily satisfies my taste for full strength cigars. Plus, it stays good all the way to the nub. At the risk of sounding like an apologist for this website, Famous has the best price anywhere on boxes of the Domaine #10. I'll be buying another soon.
Mike M. in Minneapolis May 3, 2005
Avo Domaine Original #50
"Smooth as Silk"
Simply Awsome! I was quite surprised and pleased with this stick, with its smooth and creamy taste. It burns a little hot but has a very nice draw. Outside a good Cuban Montecristo or a Padron #3000 this is my kind of smoke.
JR in So. Cal April 9, 2005
Avo Domaine Original #40
"No thanks"
Nice cigar, good draw and burn ... but there is no flavor at all untill the last 1/3 when it gets close to the burned paper taste of the Ashton Cabinet Pyramid. You would expect more from a 10,2 $ a pice AVO Domaine
Cristian Boerean in Resita/RO October 11, 2004
Avo Domaine Original #10
You would think I am crazy for writing this review judging from the other reviews that are here. But, I have to write this as I have written many other reviews here and other web sites. Let me start by saying I got this cigar in the sampler pack which has the ash tray included. After smoking the XO, Signature and maduro I figured this cigar would follow suit with a great taste and burn. WRONG. This was so bad that I lit it and I puffed a few times then tossed it. I must have gotten a bad stick. Initially when I removed the plastic it stuck to the cigar actually tore off the label. That was odd and a first sign. Then, the taste of the cigar unlit was BITTER. I figured this was how it was until I lit it and then it was just to terrible to smoke.
Bill in Connecticut September 20, 2004
Avo Domaine Original #50
"My favorite cigar bar none!"
I've been addicted to cigars for about 10 years now and I still love to try new cigars. Domaine AVO 50 is the benchmark standard I use to compare all others. A real masterpiece!
Kent Veron in Findlay, OH August 16, 2002
Avo Domaine Original #10
"You'll pay for it"
Don't get me wrong, this is certainly a great cigar...But it's way too expensive. There are many cigars this good that sell for 30% less. All in all though, a very nice flavorful and aromatic cigar.
Dave in connecticut June 5, 2002
Avo Domaine Original #10
"Good smoke but..."
... at over $7 per smoke, I believe it's a bit steep. The smoke was tasty, no bite and consistant flavor. It wanted to run and took quite a bit of tending from the halfway point on. My choice would be to buy them on sale.
Craig in Tennessee May 5, 2002
Avo Domaine Original #20
"Avo Domaine 20 = Always exceptional!"
These cigars always exceed my expectations and leave me smiling, relaxed and satisfied. This is now the cigar by which I judge all others. An immense pleasure every time. Mild to Medium that develops with every puff.
Dan Boul in Los Angeles June 6, 2001
Avo Domaine Original #10
"wonderful aroma, good burn, a taste delight"
my first experience with this cigar was met with much enthusiasm, it smokes well and has great flavor. Try one, you'll undoubtedly enjoy.
Jack LaMothe in Linden, Michigan December 28, 2000
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