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Avo Domaine #10 Reviews [view details]

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"Very nice if you get it on sale"
I picked this up as part of the Consigliere sampler when it was a cigar monster deal. I'm still pretty new to cigars, but I thought this was a pretty nice smoke with some single malt. The draw was a just a little bit tight, but the burn was the most even I've had in a while. Very smooth and creamy until about 1/4 left when it got a little bit harsher. I'd had this mellowing in the humidor for about a month.
Johann in Virginia August 31, 2009
"Probably in my top three!"
What a beautiful smoke! smooth even smoke. When i lit it, it bellowed big creamy plooms of smoke. I noticed some earthy tastes. it was ultra smooth. I usually like maduro's the best. But this was quite tasty and relaxing. Overall I give it two thumbs up!!!
David in Haslett, Mi July 20, 2009
"In a word a professional cigar"
Very impressed with the Avo Domaine. Mine unravelled even though i clipped it carefully so extra care maybe. A lovely smoke full of flavours and mild as well. Who said you can't combine mildness with flavour.
CreekEnd UK in UK May 11, 2008
"I've never smoked an Avo I didn't like"
While not as flavorful as the Maduro, this is a really nice cigar. The one thing that always impresses me about Avo is their construction and consistency so I am surprised by some of the other reviews.
btg in Michigan March 9, 2008
"Great cigar!"
I really did like this cigar and will probably buy more of these. It hit just the spot for me in taste. The wrapper and construction were excellent. The cigar was mild but a really good smoke. This is a good cigar for beginner and experienced alike. I give it 8.0 Could have had more complexity but overall a great cigar in construction, burn and taste.
Bob in Missouri August 24, 2007
"At $2.00 a stick I would still pass"
I bought this in a sample pack. My first impression was what a well made cigar. The density was perfect and the wrapper was smooth and looked promising. After using a 9mm punch I drew through it a couple of times and the taste was a pungent bitter one though the draw was good. Once it was lit, the taste was a big let down. It still was bitter and unpleasant. After about a ΒΌ of the way through, some of the bitterness was gone, but the taste became bland and boring and that never changed. I will give this stick credit for an even burn and excellent draw but with a horrid taste, what good is a well made cigar. For what you get I consider the price to be an insult.
Roger S in Ohio December 26, 2005
I have been a fan of the Avo Pyramide for years, and this cigar is twice as good--everything you wouold expect from a Davidoff cigar. It has plenty of body and spice and easily satisfies my taste for full strength cigars. Plus, it stays good all the way to the nub. At the risk of sounding like an apologist for this website, Famous has the best price anywhere on boxes of the Domaine #10. I'll be buying another soon.
Mike M. in Minneapolis May 3, 2005
You would think I am crazy for writing this review judging from the other reviews that are here. But, I have to write this as I have written many other reviews here and other web sites. Let me start by saying I got this cigar in the sampler pack which has the ash tray included. After smoking the XO, Signature and maduro I figured this cigar would follow suit with a great taste and burn. WRONG. This was so bad that I lit it and I puffed a few times then tossed it. I must have gotten a bad stick. Initially when I removed the plastic it stuck to the cigar actually tore off the label. That was odd and a first sign. Then, the taste of the cigar unlit was BITTER. I figured this was how it was until I lit it and then it was just to terrible to smoke.
Bill in Connecticut September 20, 2004
"You'll pay for it"
Don't get me wrong, this is certainly a great cigar...But it's way too expensive. There are many cigars this good that sell for 30% less. All in all though, a very nice flavorful and aromatic cigar.
Dave in connecticut June 5, 2002
"Good smoke but..."
... at over $7 per smoke, I believe it's a bit steep. The smoke was tasty, no bite and consistant flavor. It wanted to run and took quite a bit of tending from the halfway point on. My choice would be to buy them on sale.
Craig in Tennessee May 5, 2002
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10 Construction (90) 100
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