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Avo Limited Editions Reviews

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Avo 88 LE2014 Cello 16's
"Another outstanding AVO LE"
This cigar blew me away out of the gate. Which was surprising since it was fresh out of the box and had not any time to settle. From the minute I lit this bad boy it threw massive amounts of wood, leather and cocoa at me. There were definitely notes of earth and cedar along the way. It took only about two or three draws for the cigar to settle into what became one of he best hours I have spent enjoying a cigar in a long time. The cigar stayed consistent throughout and did not really change its notes. Definitely an outstanding cigar I must say. I have smoked every LE AVO has produced since 2004 and this is by far their best. I strongly suggest you try one for yourself.
Jason in Manassas VA April 6, 2014
Avo 85th Anniversary 2011
"this is a great smoke"
I bought a few of the for a weekend out camping and they are a fantastic smoke. They are more of a medium cigar and very creamy. they had a consistent draw and good flavor all the way thru. If you like a good medium creamy cigar, I would feel confident recommending these to anyone.
Dustin B in NJ September 4, 2011
Avo Companero 2009 Limited Edition
"wasn't so bad"
i thought it was a relatively good smoke, burned evenly and had good favor.
John in NY July 14, 2011
Avo LE10
Bought a couple at a local shop and liked them so much i ordered 3 boxes (3 sources). The cigars were consistent across the 3 boxes with one exception, 3 sticks (so far) had a wrapper that was far and away better then anything i've had in the past. they were chewy, oily, thick and beautiful wrappers that lost none of the excellent draw or burn characteristics of the rest. I highly recommend this cigar.
Chris A in Columbus, OH January 6, 2011
Avo 80th Anniversary Belicoso
"Awesome smoke"
I bought a 5 pack of these cigars, and just tried one and it was awesome. It has a pleasant taste, burns very well, tightly rolled, nice even draw and just a pleasure to smoke. I would highly reccomend this cigar for someone that loves a great cigar. I honestly would say its the best cigar I ever smoked.
Eric J. B in Kansas September 1, 2010
Avo LE10
"One Great Stick"
Great cigar, will rival the Avo LE 80, high end stick by all means and measurements. Priced reasonably.
Paul H in Hartland Michigan August 9, 2010
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