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Avo Maduro Reviews

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Avo Maduro Robusto
"Too strong for me"
Wow. I can appreciate the comments of the other reviewers, but this one was a bit strong for me. Very well constructed and a good draw, but flavor wise, I prefer something a bit milder. If you want a full (and I mean full) cigar, this may be for you.
Mike in Murrieta November 27, 2007
Avo #3
"Surprisingly Satisfying, would purchase again"
A larger ring size would be a nice addition to an already good value for the money.
TJJ in S.E. Michigan November 20, 2007
Avo Maduro Robusto
"This Stick has it all"
I have to agree with Navon's review. After trying a 5 pack this has become my all time favorite. Construction, Burn, draw, Flavor, aroma. All aspects of the Avo Maduro are muy excellente! Every cigar in this 5 pack burned perfectly even, no relighting or correction needed. Perfect medium draw no variation cigar to cigar. The wrapper is a beautiful Colorado Maduro, not excessively dark, a nice reddish bark color. A nice slightly oily sheen without being excessively oily. The wrappers were stout without being too thick and were nice and toothy which I like. Above all this smoke was very flavorful with no harshness at any point down to the nub. The strength built progressively and never got overbearing. A lot of cigars, even good ones, will really turn harsh somewhere past the midway point. These never did that. The ash was light in color and firm, not flaky. These aroma of these Avo's was incredible. I typically smoke full bodied cigars, tend to CAO Cameroons, The old La Gloria Cubana's, and El Rico Habano's. The flavor of these Avo's was full bodied with none of the harshness. I'm sold and these will be my go to cigar going forward.
pdxstogieman in Portland Oregon September 12, 2007
Avo Maduro Robusto
"Avo's Best"
This cigar is without a doubt the best in the Avo collection. He knew what he was doing when he crafted this baby. It is mild but full of flavor, probably because of the rich, oily maduro wrapper. This is a great cigar to enjoy with that friend who usually turns green at the sight of a cigar. The smoothness of this cigar is unmatched not only by other Avo cigars, but by ANY other cigar, period.
Navon in Green Bay July 27, 2007
Avo #9
"Avo's best ! Try this cigar"
This is Avo's best in their lineup. I really can't add much to the above review. I admit I'm a maduro lover, so maybe I'm biased. I didn't care for the rest of the Avo's, but the maduro is spot on!
Mike in Lancaster,Pa June 9, 2007
Avo #9
"Avo at its best!"
What a pleasant experience! While celebrating my daughter's Sweet Sixteen, I fired up one Avo Maduro long forgotten in my humi, it had been sometime since I had such a tasty evening. Well made (Robusto, No. 9), perfect draw and the flavors were something else; hints of coffee, leather, some notes of sweet caramel and no bite at all. This is the ONE Avo that's going to be a staple in the regular rotation. Much better than Cubans twice the price. Just ordered a box...
LEOPOLDO LEAL in TX April 30, 2007
Avo Maduro Piramides
"Wonderful smoke with an awesome after taste!!"
I purchased a 5 pack a couple of months ago and when I received them I was impressed with the its appearance. After smoking the first one right out of the celo I was very pleased with the even burn, wonderful taste, ease of draw and nice solid ash. I'm not much of a Maduro wrapper smoker but after these I'm more open to them...I offered these to a couple of newer cigar smokers and they were so pleased with the Avo Maduro they purchased a box for themselves....this is a must try and must have in the humidor!
Art Julaton in CA October 30, 2006
Avo Maduro Piramides
"Great 5 pack"
Great smooth cigar, I rate this at the top of my Maduro smokes. I got the 5 pack, if not so pricy I would go for a box.
Norm in Alpine, OR November 16, 2005
Avo Maduro Robusto
"Disappointing Cigar"
Very disapointed with this one. Nice presentation: construction was nice, good color, good draw. Burn was very poor, even for a maduro wrapper, had too much "bite", flavor was not there, just a strong one dimensional flavor. Put it to rest at about the halfway point. Will not be buying any more of these. Should have just fired up the Domaine instead!
Willie in New Mexico March 23, 2005
Avo Maduro Piramides
"Outstanding Smoke"
I had one of the Piramides during an excellent golf round, and the look, presentation was excelelnt. The most noticable was the "Outstanding" draw of the cigar and the burn, flavor and finish was always excellent. Simply outstanding from start to end!
Ed Lawson in Puyallup, Wa December 2, 2002
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