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Avo Signature Reviews

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Avo Signature Robusto
"Absolutely Horrible!!!"
I can’t believe I paid so much for such a horrible cigar. The moment I torched the foot it smelled like someone had just put out a cigar as opposed to just lit one. The first draw revealed a very harsh taste that I would never dare call flavor. It smelled like mosquito repellent and tasted worse. This cigar reminded me of putting your tongue on the + and – ends of a 9 volt battery…very sharp attack with a horrific aftertaste that would not go away…I had to rinse with mouthwash to free myself from the abuse. One of the very few cigars that I had to toss before getting 1/4 into smoking it. This has been my biggest disappointment in my entire cigar smoking experience. Please don’t waste your money and get suckered like I did! Absolutely a mockery of the fine tobacco experience!
Zulu in Los Angeles, CA March 16, 2009
Avo Signature Robusto
Another full body AVO that smokes nice & easy. If you like the other AVOs, you'll like this one. Strong spice & pepper on the draw, with that distinctive AVO tangy sweet finish.
Robert in Minnesota January 23, 2009
Avo Signature Robusto
"Disappointing Experience"
Impeccable construction, great pre-light smell, beautiful packaging. However the taste was lacking to say the least. For the same money an Olde World Reserve is much better - La Flor Dominicana if you want to stick to DR - RP Sungrown if it's the wrapper you like. All of these are less than the AVO. So for me, it's not just about the smoke, it's also about the value. If course you are just wanting impress folks then step up to the Ashton. Impress them AND get a good smoke at the same time.
Mark in Earth November 2, 2008
Avo Signature Robusto
You truly do get what you pay for. I've been a fan of Avo classic and Domaine for years, and this cigar ranks right up there with them. I really like Ecuadorian-wrapped cigars, and this one has a very distinct but decidedly Dominican flavor. The distinct taste may be the result of the wrapper that is grown specifically for this cigar. If you like Avo, Davidoff and other premium Dominican cigars, you'll like this too. I still prefer the Domaine, though, which is a buck or two less per smoke.
Mike in Minneapolis April 5, 2007
Avo Signature Robusto
"One of the best..."
The Avo Sig Robusto is my favorite "legal" cigar--thas is, when I don't have time for a double corona of the same pedigree. Always smooth with abundant flavor, great burn and draw--even beautifully packaged.
Dave Jochum in San Anselmo, CA August 18, 2005
Avo Signature Robusto
"A decent Smoke"
The burn and draw of the cigar was very good. It actually feels good in you mouth. The taste is smooth and creamy with hints of chocolate. The wrapper is brown and burned well.
Bill in Connecticut September 19, 2004
Avo Signature Robusto
"A surprise package"
Received this gem as part of a special offer. I usually smoke a cigar about half way with the ring on, but in this case I removed the ring to go for the gusto. Really superb taste and draw. I'm putting it on my favorite list.
Haywood in San Diego December 28, 2003
Avo Signature Robusto
"one of my favorites"
Consistantly one of the best cigars on the market. Quality flavor and consistency.
Allen in Kansas June 25, 2003
Avo Signature Belicoso
"Valentines gift to remember"
WOW! My wife gave me a box of Belicoso's on Febuary 14th, and they are beautiful. Burn, draw, flavors, and aroma are great. Excellent constuction and appearance. I am loving the Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrappers that are on the market now (1998 crop?)and these puppies compare to Ashton VSG. A bit pricey at the cigar store, but not at Famous Smoke Shop!! A GREAT gift.
Jim Basile in Aberdeen, New Jersey February 21, 2003
Avo Signature Robusto
"A truly enjoyable smoke"
One of my favorite cigars. A great cigar to sit back, relax and enjoy.
J. Fackelmann in Brunswick, Ohio February 12, 2003
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