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Avo Signature Reviews

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Avo Signature Belicoso
"Looks good, taste terrible"
Got this cigar as part of a super premium sampler. Had a really harsh, unpleasant taste throughout that also left a bad aftertaste. Got two of the samplers and the one in the second sampler was as unpleasant as the first.
Rodney Woodcock in Arlington, Washington August 22, 2002
Avo Signature Double Corona
I can't find a words to describe how perfect this cigar was. Delicious taste, even draw, consistent burn and rolled into perfection in such a way you don't want to put it down. I think I'm going to light another one.
Romeo Angeles in Tracy, California August 9, 2002
Avo Signature Robusto
"My Favorite"
This has turned out to be my favorite cigar. Awesome flavor and aroma. Would recomend this to anyone.
Allen in Texas July 1, 2002
Avo Signature Lonsdale
"Good for first-timers or anyone"
I found this to be a very fine cigar. They have a nice draw and a good mellow flavor that is consistent throughout each. A nice relaxing cigar to have with a bunch of friends after dinner.
James Hansen in Minnesota-USA June 16, 2002
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