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Avo Signature Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Absolutely Horrible!!!"
I can’t believe I paid so much for such a horrible cigar. The moment I torched the foot it smelled like someone had just put out a cigar as opposed to just lit one. The first draw revealed a very harsh taste that I would never dare call flavor. It smelled like mosquito repellent and tasted worse. This cigar reminded me of putting your tongue on the + and – ends of a 9 volt battery…very sharp attack with a horrific aftertaste that would not go away…I had to rinse with mouthwash to free myself from the abuse. One of the very few cigars that I had to toss before getting 1/4 into smoking it. This has been my biggest disappointment in my entire cigar smoking experience. Please don’t waste your money and get suckered like I did! Absolutely a mockery of the fine tobacco experience!
Zulu in Los Angeles, CA March 16, 2009
Another full body AVO that smokes nice & easy. If you like the other AVOs, you'll like this one. Strong spice & pepper on the draw, with that distinctive AVO tangy sweet finish.
Robert in Minnesota January 23, 2009
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