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Avo Tubos Reviews

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Avo Tubos #2
"Decent, Not Special"
Good construction but the taste was lacking. I was waiting for the flavor to improve as I reached the end but still had an inexpensive cigar bite.
Bo in Santa Barbara, CA December 18, 2014
Avo Tubos #2
Mild but very tasty. This is one cigar I wish was 10" long.
David in CA November 13, 2012
Avo Tubos #5
"Great Cigar"
A great mild cigar...perfect for a quiet night at home when all the work is done.
TuanJim in Malaysia October 5, 2011
Avo Piramides Tubos
"introduced to Avo last night, best smoke i ever ha"
best smoke i have every had, introduced to Avp last night - was so good i smoked two
mitchclif in Jupiter, Florida October 10, 2010
Avo Tubos #2
"One of my all-time Favorites"
This is a premium cigar with flawless construction and phenomenal taste. I like tubes because I only smoke cigars while deployed overseas and don't want to mess with a humidor (no time or interest). These are a great smoke and are my favorite unflavored cigar tied with the XO Intermezzo which is a little more medium bodied and spicier...but these are more affordable and have a very creamy lushious texture. Out of a whole box, I've only found one that was uneven in consistency and construction (not bad but that's why I marked it down there)
Jeff in Overseas July 8, 2009
Avo Robusto Tubos
"No thanks."
My son picked up two of these from a local B&M, he smoked his that same night and liked it. I didn't have the same experience. I found it to be acrid and bitter. A lot of leather and some oak flavor, but it reminded me of eating walnuts or pecans in the dark whiloe watching a movie and getting a bad one. I'd far sooner smoke a Famous Nic 3000, but then, there is no accounting for personal taste or the lack thereof.
Michael in Arlington, TX December 4, 2007
Avo Piramides Tubos
"A very creamy smoke"
I am smoking one right now as I type which I do often. If you want a creamy smoke this is the one. Very nice after taste of cream. The burn and draw have been OK and the construction of the cigar is true to AVO. Very nice smoke - this is my last one so I will have to pick up some more - best regards!
Bill in Connecticut June 3, 2006
Avo Tubos #5
"Great mild smoke!"
When I need some respite from the med/full flavored smokes I enjoy, this is the one for me. Nice smoke fragrance, good burn, and really tasty. BTW, if you haven't picked up a copy of Karyn Uvezian's cd, "Thinking of You", (Avo's daughter), get one now from Fam Smk and listen to it while tasting one of these cigars or your favorite and a nice cold cocktail. Karyn's liner note of dedication to the important people in her life is worth the price alone, not to mention the sexy jazz she sings.
Roman in Houston Texas November 4, 2005
Avo #9 Tubos
"One word says it all - GREAT"
started smoking #9 Tubos along with #5 Tubos would not smoke anything else Just Fantastic!
A.Bennett in New York, NY February 26, 2004
Avo Piramides Tubos
I smoked this cigar during a fantastic golf round, and the burn, taste, each finish draw rated outstanding. I smoked the same cigar that was boxed instead of the Tubos and the difference was very noticeable. I will always keep these babies handy for an outstanding smoke anytime.
Ed Lawson in Puyallup, WA December 31, 2002
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