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Avo XO Reviews

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Avo XO Robusto
"I Prefer The XO Line To Classic Avo."
Anything in the Avo XO line is outstanding. Trademark Avo taste with a bit more spice.
Tom in Florida December 13, 2014
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"Excellent cigar for the price"
Excellent cigar. Great draw and consistency. Burns well,never had to relight.
Ed C in New Hampshire July 20, 2014
Avo XO Original Maestoso
"Top-tier Cigar"
For years there have been rumors that the great Cuban houses have utilized tobacco from outside the country, hence why Habanos SA does not label its products as puro. That this particular smoke is produced in Davidoff s Dominican factory, only confirms these rumors - Davidoff once sold a line of Cuban cigars, but ceased doing so 1989; however, their style and quality seemingly persists, as evident by the AVO XO line. My conclusion is that while the AVO XO line is not rolled in Cuba, its component blend, wrapper, and construction, result in a product which, for all intents and purposes, is comparable, if not superior to, it s Cuban predecessors.
David A. in Seattle June 15, 2014
Avo XO Orig Intermezzo Tubos
Incredible draw. Mellow smoke and excellent flavor.
David A. in Seattle June 15, 2014 September 9, 2013
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"One of the best"
This is one of the best cigars you can have in your humidor. Flawless construction, beautiful smooth wrapper and very fine Dominican tobaccos inside. Creamy rich smoke, medium bodied. Top shelf, comparable with Ashton Cabinet, and Davidoff. I only smoke premiums and this is easily in my top 5.
Frank in KC April 7, 2013
Avo XO Original Notturno
"Great Small Cigar!!!"
This is the stick I reach for when time is short. Nice burn, good consistency, great AVO XO taste and an eceptional draw for a small guage.
Steven N. in Cape Cod November 15, 2011
Avo XO Original Notturno
"All My Friends Are Now Fan's Of AVO Notturno"
This is a very quality Brand and specific cigar. No bit, no burn, just smooth flavor. Strongly recomment
Patrick in North Carolina July 31, 2011
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"My Favorite Cigar!"
I absolutely LOVE the flavor of this cigar. It's spicy blend, smooth draw and solid construction make for a great, enjoyable smoke. The Intermezzo is just the right size for me -- a good 60 minute smoke at most.
Peter in Long Island July 20, 2011
Avo XO Original Notturno
"Not What I Remembered"
Back around twenty years ago when I smoked cigars I happened across an AVO Belicoso and LOVED it. Since I have resumed smoking cigars I thought I would relive an old acquaintance and ordered a five pack of these. I have to say these aren't the Belicosos of old. They tasted grassy to me. I finished it to see if the flavor changed but it disappointed.
Scott in Indiana May 6, 2011
Avo XO Orig Intermezzo Tubos
Bad Cigar. SOUR taste. This cigar is awful, the only explanation I have for the 97 rating is that there must be a strong bias to rate this cigar high. Everything else but the awful, sour, bitter taste was OK. Buy this cigar only if your taste buds are not functioning properly (sorry mine are still normal).
Scott in Indiana May 6, 2011 November 19, 2010
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