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Avo XO Reviews

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Avo XO Intermezzo
"Marvelous Smoke that just Goes and Goes! WOW!!"
Not too many cigars start out fantastic and just get better and better. This one does! If I did not know what this was I'd swear it was an aged Cuban Romeo y Julieta. Be sue to take the band off after a while because you'll want to smoke this baby down to the nubbies!
Tom in Indiana July 1, 2006
Avo XO Notturno Tubos
"A Very Good, Strong Smoke"
There is a lot of taste, but not a lot of subtlety in the Avo XO Notturno. I bought the cello wrapped, but all the same it is a powerful cigar for the size. Excellent with a strong Bourbon or Irish Whiskey. A smooth cigar but it has a bite. The construction, draw and all-around flavor was flawless. The was only one problem with the cigar: because of its small size (5 x 42)it left me wanting more.
R. Gardner in Louisville, KY July 31, 2005
Avo XO Maestoso
"A delight from beginning to end"
This has become my favorite cigar! Consistent draw and unique flavor are what I most appreciate about this one. I was primarily smoking Ashtons,but I find this cigar more fulfilling.
Kirk L in Hartford, Ct. November 12, 2004
Avo XO Intermezzo
"A decent Smoke"
The burn and draw of the cigar was very good. It actually feels good in you mouth. THe taste is slightly pepery. It has a bite so I would have a drink handy when smoking.
Bill in CT September 19, 2004
Avo XO Notturno
"Same common taste as Avo Preludio"
I tried Avo Notturno as an alternative to Preludio, during those rush and busy days when you have less than an hour for a pleasant smoke. I liked it better than the Preludio: it's a little bit thinner, but also shorter, so the taste is more intense. Most of all, I hate the Connecticut Shade - it looks great, but, beside Cuban wrappers, it's like jeans beside silk. The cigar has a common tobacco taste. Too common for the prize, if you know what I mean... The construction, too, could be improved, because such a cigar is supposed to last more than half an hour. I'll switch back to my Cubans.
Razvan Voncu in Bucharest, Romania June 8, 2004
Avo XO Preludio
"Excellent construction, a little bit flat taste"
Avo XO Preludio is a medium-flavor delight. Superb construction, excellent burning properties, but the taste is a little bit flat, due to the highly praised Connecticut Shade. Coffee undertones and hints of cream in the second half. All in all, a round and well balanced cigar.
Razvan Voncu in Bucharest, Romania May 28, 2004
Avo XO Preludio
"The best of all AVO`s. Rate #9"
Preludio has that moist,bold chocolate taste.
Errol Barra in San Jose, Ca. June 19, 2003
Avo XO Notturno Tubos
"Good Mild Cigar that burnes even"
I thought this cigar was pretty good for a mild smoke. I was really supprised by the even burn and smoothness of this smoke. It could use a bit more flavor.
James in Bentonville, Arkansas October 25, 2002
Avo XO Preludio Tubos
"Inconsistent and rough smoke--young tobacco taste"
For the money, this is a high priced tubo mistake. By comparison, hoyo de monterey, partagas, excalabur, la gloria tubos are a third the price with good to excellent taste,appearance and construction.
Ace Perlman in San Ramon, CA December 31, 2000
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