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Avo XO Reviews

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Avo XO Orig Notturno Tubos
"Smooth, creamy, nutty, even burn, nice finish"
First time on this Avo. Not exaggerated, good even burn, nice draw. Finish is quite decent with nice cedar after tones. Decent mini that doesn't get hot. I would buy again.
Steve in Santa Cruz, August 27, 2008
Avo XO Orig Notturno Tubos
"Silky smoothness envelopes your mouth at once"
This cigar is a little piece of perfection all rolled up in a silky wrapper. The appearance from the 4 pack makes me think it's just going to be a plain jane stick... but after opening the tube and admiring the flawless construction, I am intrigued. The smoke is silky and smooth, the draw a tad hard, but just a tad. The burn is about as consistent and even as you'll find. the flavor is great for what it is.. not too much, but not too weak either. The flavor was a light peppery, wooden, earthen-ish flavor. The stick held a good ash that for me, dropped around 1 1/2 inch. Nice grey/white solid ash. I smoked this little beauty down to where I could no longer safely draw on it.... it was that pleasing of a stick... another humidor is needed for me to make room for yet another resident in my rotation.... try a 4pk first to decide if these baby's are for you, I don't think you'll be disapointed..
D. Tennant in Winter Haven, FL August 8, 2008
Avo XO Orig Intermezzo Tubos
Best cigar I ever had
Dennis in Michigan December 21, 2007
Avo XO Orig Maestoso Tubos
"Impeccable construction....."
A great cigar in all respects albeit a bit on the mild side. Keep a careful eye on the humidity as when these sticks are smoked wet they have a pronounced bitter taste, when properly stored, however, they're a great everyday stick w/a truly complex taste profile. Avo scores again!
VR in Jamaica, NY January 24, 2007
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"Bravo Avo!"
This cigar lived up to its name. Sometimes I go into a cigar with high expectations only to be left wishing I would have just smoked one of my "regulars". But this Avo XO had a perfect draw, perfect burn, wonderful aroma and flavor. There was a distinct flavor that gave it a personality all to itself. Now I need to save some money so I can buy a whole box!
Eric D. in Woodbine, MD December 11, 2006
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"What a Smooth, Spicey Delight!"
My buddy introduced these to me this past weekend at the Chicago Jazz Festival. The Robustos have excellent appearence and construction;the flavor however is truly exceptional: it's a mild peppery spice that stays balanced to the end. Wow.
Spiros in Laurens, SC September 4, 2006
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"Marvelous Smoke that just Goes and Goes! WOW!!"
Not too many cigars start out fantastic and just get better and better. This one does! If I did not know what this was I'd swear it was an aged Cuban Romeo y Julieta. Be sue to take the band off after a while because you'll want to smoke this baby down to the nubbies!
Tom in Indiana July 1, 2006
Avo XO Orig Notturno Tubos
"A Very Good, Strong Smoke"
There is a lot of taste, but not a lot of subtlety in the Avo XO Notturno. I bought the cello wrapped, but all the same it is a powerful cigar for the size. Excellent with a strong Bourbon or Irish Whiskey. A smooth cigar but it has a bite. The construction, draw and all-around flavor was flawless. The was only one problem with the cigar: because of its small size (5 x 42)it left me wanting more.
R. Gardner in Louisville, KY July 31, 2005
Avo XO Original Maestoso
"A delight from beginning to end"
This has become my favorite cigar! Consistent draw and unique flavor are what I most appreciate about this one. I was primarily smoking Ashtons,but I find this cigar more fulfilling.
Kirk L in Hartford, Ct. November 12, 2004
Avo XO Original Intermezzo
"A decent Smoke"
The burn and draw of the cigar was very good. It actually feels good in you mouth. THe taste is slightly pepery. It has a bite so I would have a drink handy when smoking.
Bill in CT September 19, 2004
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