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Baccarat Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"I like it, nice aroma, no complaints from neighbor"
I have given rothchilds and churchills to many of my friends - they have all switched to Baccarat.When smoking in a crowd, people have commented on the great aroma. Both cigars get a little hot toward the end, but hell,I've found the same thing in other premium cigars.
Jack Barr in Troy, Ohio August 28, 2002
"Smooth and great aroma"
Though I have heard that this is a good cigar for a novice, I hve been smoking cigars for some time now and always include this brand in my humidor. I have also heard the comment that the aroma is pleasing.
Malcolm Carr in Detroit MI March 9, 2002
I have tried each of tha Baccarat lines and i like the sweet cap. They are a nice looking, smooth mild cigar that burns quite well but leaves a little dry,papery taste. I really like the Casino line (more full flavored stronger) best.
WAYNE in Tampa May 14, 2001
"An excellent medium smoke for any time."
One of my favorites, although I often like a more full bodied smoke this is a keeper and very unoffensive in mixed areas. A favorite of my social smoking friends.
Art Erdelac in Indiana April 6, 2000
we had a cookout over the weekend,with some miller-lite and shoots of tequilla i asked if anyone would mind if i lite up.everyone asked for a baccarat and they loved the smooth,mild and easy draw.we now have new smokers.thanks
joe ayala in ft.worth,texas March 1, 2000
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