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"Starting to Get Disappointed"
Love the Baccarat line but lately the quality and consistency has not been there. Three or four cigars from every box are just plain bad!!
John in Catonsville October 8, 2014
"Don t know why I LOVE these Sticks"
I am a full bodied cigar smoker. Padron, Bolivar, LFD, etc. BUT, after breakfast I can t smoke anything except one of these honeys. I LOVE them! Great flavor, great way to start another day in retirement. Price can t be beat.
Art in California June 16, 2014
"one of my favorite's"
I've smoked baccarat's for year's for the price you can't go wrong there my "go to " cigar mild enough to have with morning coffee I keep my humidor stocked with them
Tom in Oklahoma January 19, 2013
"First half is nasty, second half is better."
First half is not mild. Smoke is irritable until you get past 1/3 then it seems to mellow out a bit. I'll order a bundle of Cusano M1's before any of these.
Jim in South Carolina May 18, 2012
"Mild, great smoke"
Baccarat is a mild, great cigar.
in October 15, 2011
"Bang For The Buck"
I purchased one of these on the recommendation of my local retailer and paid over $5 for it. I was really surprised to see the great price that Famous sells them for. This cigar is well constructed, burns evenly, has a smooth draw, and gives off a very pleasing smell when you smoke it. It might be a little too mild for some smokers, but it's hard to beat this one for the money. I've since purchased a box from Famous, and they are great right out of the box. I plan to age them a little and see if they get even better.
Don in Texas September 18, 2011
"In one word...SMOOTH"
I can't imagine how you can beat the Baccarat if you're looking for a smooth, mild cigar at a very affordable price! The burn is great and you don't have to apologize for the 'smell'. I can't think of any negatives for this gar.
Stephen in Cedar Rapids, Iowa January 21, 2010
"Good cigar for the price"
I've been smoking the natural curchills for several years now. They are MILD (if you're looking for a full-bodied cigar, look elsewhere), so no complaining about the body. I've NEVER had one with a bad construction, poor draw, stagnant taste, or stale aftertaste. However, they are not aged long enough, and six months in a humidor dramatically improves the flavor - I learned this by accident. The sweet taste comed from the sealer gum at the end of cigar, and is not a side-effect of the filler. Good stick at a decent price.
Jeff Potts in Bloomfield Township April 24, 2006
"Great cigar at a bargain price..."
I've enjoyed cigars off and on for more than twenty years. While I'm no expert by any means, the Baccarat Churchill is an incredibly mild cigar, with a good draw, excellent construction and just a hint of sweetness to the head. While the maduro wrappers seem to hold together the best, I prefer the taste of the naturals. If you're concerned about expense...give this cigar a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Jeff White in Indiana January 22, 2006
"the favorite smoke"
these are my favorite cigars. i love mild cigars and these are the best. the sweet taste on the cap is perfect and the construction and draw is always flawless.there is no reason to buy any ther cigar when you factor in taste appearance draw and price these are a 10
gino in new york city January 14, 2006
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