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Baccarat Reviews

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Baccarat Rothschild
"I Had High Hopes"
I smoked one half before I could no longer puff on. This cigar just did not taste good to me. Nice in draw and construction but not a smoke for me.
Mr. Blues in Central MN August 12, 2014
Baccarat Churchill
"Don t know why I LOVE these Sticks"
I am a full bodied cigar smoker. Padron, Bolivar, LFD, etc. BUT, after breakfast I can t smoke anything except one of these honeys. I LOVE them! Great flavor, great way to start another day in retirement. Price can t be beat.
Art in California June 16, 2014
Baccarat #1
"Pleasantly Surprised"
Picked up a 5 pack of these out of curiosity. Found them to be better than expected. Smooth draw, even burn, good construction. This cigar was moe enjoyable than several more expensive brands I ve tried. I really enjoyed them. Will be getting more.
Don in Las Vegas May 19, 2014
Baccarat King
"A diamond in the rough!"
I don't like cheap cigars.... But these are amazingly smooth and tasty for the price! I know I found a new favorite...
Mark in Newburgh, NY February 13, 2014
Baccarat Rothschild
"Very Good Stolky Excellent"
Excellent consistency Very Good taste Draw was Good Burn excellent will be one of my Favorites
Wilfredo in NYC February 10, 2014
Baccarat Panatela
"Very Nice cigar"
begins with a sweet taste and follows with a mild flavor.
Joseph Dionisio December 22, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Pleasantly Surprised"
This cigar came as a free sample in an order I placed. It had the bad fortune of being up against the Arturo Fuentes that I had initially orderd. I wasn t expecting the pleasant surprise that this cigar brought. The sweet tip was noticed but not overpowering like some of the Acids. The wrapper had a pea-sized color spot and a couple of small wrinkles, but it lit, drew, and burned perfectly. The taste was mild as advertized, but without much complexity. Overall it was a very nice smoke and I will probably order a box down the road.
Leo in Wherever I park the RV November 30, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Bad News"
I got one as a freebie with my last order. Burn, draw, appearance all ok - taste, not so much. I laugh when I read the snobby reviews of some that read like a hint of nutmeg, fresh baked cookies with warm milk and cinnamon and a purring kitty This Rothschild would be burning rubber, with an overwhelming flavor like loud rap music and raw sewage. The foulest thing I ve ever tasted.
Greg in Idaho November 22, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Bad news"
Got this as a freebie with my last order. Appearance, burn and draw were good. Taste, not so much. I laugh when I read snobby reviews like a hint of nutmeg and a dash of fresh baked cookies with cinnamon and warm milk and a purring kitty. This thing was like burning rubber, with a smidge of rap music I ve never tasted anything so foul.
Greg in Idaho November 22, 2013
Baccarat Toro
"Good Cigar"
I received this cigar within a sample pack of cigars that I ordered because I am just getting into cigars. I ordered this one again because of the sweetness of the cigar. I tried to buy it at my local cigar shop in the interim and was disappointed because it was hard to draw and wasn't as sweet. When I received the new batch from the website I was relieved because the draw and burn was excellent and it had that sweetness that I remembered and was so fond of. They are obviously fresher from the website.
Jesse in New York October 14, 2013
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