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Baccarat Rothschild
"Bad News"
I got one as a freebie with my last order. Burn, draw, appearance all ok - taste, not so much. I laugh when I read the snobby reviews of some that read like a hint of nutmeg, fresh baked cookies with warm milk and cinnamon and a purring kitty This Rothschild would be burning rubber, with an overwhelming flavor like loud rap music and raw sewage. The foulest thing I ve ever tasted.
Greg in Idaho November 22, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Bad news"
Got this as a freebie with my last order. Appearance, burn and draw were good. Taste, not so much. I laugh when I read snobby reviews like a hint of nutmeg and a dash of fresh baked cookies with cinnamon and warm milk and a purring kitty. This thing was like burning rubber, with a smidge of rap music I ve never tasted anything so foul.
Greg in Idaho November 22, 2013
Baccarat Toro
"Good Cigar"
I received this cigar within a sample pack of cigars that I ordered because I am just getting into cigars. I ordered this one again because of the sweetness of the cigar. I tried to buy it at my local cigar shop in the interim and was disappointed because it was hard to draw and wasn't as sweet. When I received the new batch from the website I was relieved because the draw and burn was excellent and it had that sweetness that I remembered and was so fond of. They are obviously fresher from the website.
Jesse in New York October 14, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Excellent Mild Smoke"
I have probably tried a dozen different cigars over the last couple of years, but I keep coming back to the Baccarat Rothschild. It is clearly a mild smoke, but perfect for the occasional smoker who wants flavor, but doesn't want to wake up to the taste of last night's cigar. The wrapper has a barely discernible sweetness, and generally this stick has a good burn and draw. Sadly, there are 2-3 badly wrapped sticks in each box of 25, but for the most part the burn, draw and consistency are quite good. An excellent value and good smoke.
Sam in Atlanta September 3, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Good Cigar"
Mild. Clean burn. Will buy again.
Andrew August 9, 2013
Baccarat Luchadores
"Not bad, but I definitely had better."
Even burn, well constructed, great draw, looks decent, a bit dry(even when well acclimated), not much flavor and has a woody finish. It a decent smoke if you don't have any of your regulars. However I wouldn't buy them again.
John Hart in Caledonia, WI July 16, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Great Cigar"
I literally have zero complaints about this one. Clean burn, and very smooth cigar. Would definitely buy again.
Austin in Manchester, MD July 1, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Very nice"
My absolute favorite to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the AM. Great smoke at a very fair price.
Herb in Dana Point CA. May 19, 2013
Baccarat Belicoso
"Tasty Cigar!!"
Very smooth , good smoke output and a good value. I'll buy more.
Rick M. in San Jose, Ca. May 10, 2013
Baccarat Rothschild
"Very Nice In Every Way"
Being rather new to enjoying cigars I found this cigar to be mild yet filled with flavor. Draw was very nice. The construction allowed for an easy even smoke. And for the price I feel it would be hard to beat.
Herb in Dana Point Ca. April 30, 2013
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