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Baccarat Connies (8) Reviews [view details]

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they were nothing loke the description or the reviews who ever said they were mild and tasty musta been smoking black and millds all their life there harsh and have a tin taste to them if your looking for a mild smoke look elswhere me ill stick to my patels and cohiba cigarillos from now on learned my lesson
Bobby in SHREVEPORT September 24, 2011
"Better than 75."
These are much better than their 75 rating.For small cigars,definately in the top ten.And I mostly prefer the smalls.I have at least 25 different around now.I agree with the man that said they go out.However,I kinda' like them to when I put them down.I know,politically incorrect.
mike in iowa June 29, 2011
"Great smoke"
Great taste, Great quick smoke when time is short. Would smoke these as everyday quickies!
Steve in California July 15, 2008
"Not A Happy Camper"
After reviving a humidor of Baccarat Coronas, I thought these would be great for my short rides to and from work. The draw is so loose, it feels as if these were rolled with hands in mittens. Each and every one of these would burn out at half-smoke even right after a good draw. No more for me.
Steven A in California October 17, 2007
"Sprightly Little Sweetheart"
I met this cute little college intern at the CubeTech INC copy center. She was on an exchange program from Scotland, and told me how much she missed wandering through the green grass meadows and smelling the fresh, salty ocean air. She reminded me of a pixie girl from the fairyland of Lewis Carroll's enchanted storybooks. She was only 4'6" tall, but almost reached 5' in her decadent footwear. We talked all afternoon; but when 4:45PM rolled around, she closed our interaction professionally at the center's entrance. As we returned to our respective cubes, it felt awkward walking behind her, smelling her complex, sweet European perfumes and seeing her broad yet tightly lined up gate. In our conversation, she had explained that because of her small size, it was easy for her to walk in high heels and she loved it. It was like seeing two water balloons filled with Jell-O, the way she pranced forward, never straying from the imaginary chalk line centered between the cube rows. As she entered her cube, she smiled broadly, looking deeply and unflinchingly into my eyes. She told me how enjoyable our chat was and how much she was looking forward to seeing me again! CubeTech rocks. It's no wonder CubeTech stock has doubled in the last 6 Mo.
Nightjoe in Sagle, ID June 24, 2006
"aaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Smooth and full of flavor"
Excellent little one, ejoyed 20 minutes of a good smooth and tasty smoke. Most amatures dont like these cigars probably because they prefer stronger ones but honestly for me, a rookie, I love it!!
Orland F in Miami, FL August 25, 2005
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