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"Perfect Cigar"
Got this in a sampler, as soon as I smmoked it I knew I'd be ordering a box. Very nice stick for my 'Mild' days...
Jeff in Sierra Vista, AZ September 23, 2010
A great mild tasty sweet and a all around great smoke!!! Perfect for the beginner
Richard in Cranston R.I. November 5, 2008
"My favorite"
These are the best cigars period. I like variety so I whenever I order a box I also order some 5 packs or samplers to try and I always come back to these. By the way...if you want a great $6 cigar, buy these from the guy in Tampa. I accidently ordered the maduro and when I called you were so incredibly nice, I felt bad exchanging them for the natural.
Jeff Weiss in NJ January 18, 2007
"Obviously, most of these reviews are from amateurs"
I have been smoking Baccarats for a few years now and have never been disappointed. You have to take into consideration many things on properly smoking a good cigar to fully enjoy the experience. Apparently these people haven't done so. Where did they go to learn how to smoke a cigar, clown college? Baccarats are very mild, have a smooth even draw and in my opinion, are one of the best tasting cigars on the market. If there are complaints that they burn un-evenly or too hot, it's because these poor saps haven't learned how to take their time when drawing on a cigar as good as a Baccarat and not suck on it like a moron at some sort of cigar smoking race. I hope in the future that I see more reviews from people who's I.Q. doesn't match the size of cigar they're smoking.
B in California August 31, 2003
"mild, sweet taste w/great draw and smell"
im not a cigar customer every time i run out but have purchased several boxes of double corona Baccarat's in the past and have always gone back to them for their price and taste. the ash's stay together tightly and don't break all apart like others in the $60.00 range. I have had on 3 occasions, people who have walked by not even knowing me and other's who may be sitting outside near me ask me what cigar do i have, and have said, it smells nice. One lady pushing her baby in a stroller had even asked me that! I always tell them to order from famous.
Daniel in Sunnyvale, CA June 13, 2000
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10 Burn (78) 100
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10 Consistency (80) 100
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Appearance (84) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
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