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"Pleasantly Surprised"
Picked up a 5 pack of these out of curiosity. Found them to be better than expected. Smooth draw, even burn, good construction. This cigar was moe enjoyable than several more expensive brands I ve tried. I really enjoyed them. Will be getting more.
Don in Las Vegas May 19, 2014
"Not for me"
To each his own I suppose, and this one is not for me. The taste leaves much to be desired.
in November 25, 2010
"Baccarat is the best. My only choice."
I enjoy Baccarat in all sizes with a Natural Wrapper. My humidor is always well stocked with these.
Kevin in Minneapolis October 27, 2008
"staple smoke for over 5 years"
Good, affordable smoke. However, I have noticed a slight slip in quality control this year especially in the wrapper. Also they need to be "cured" in your humidor for a week or so.
Tubbysomis in CA August 2, 2007
"Terrific "Utility" smoke"
These #1's are a great everyday "utility" smoke. Good enough to share with novice smoker friends and perhaps good enough to convert those friends into becoming Famous Smoke aficionados.
clintclint in CA June 27, 2006
"Great cigars...just age them a little."
I purchased a box on good reviews and an even better price. I was a tad concerned when I smoked the first one and was disappointed by the lack of flavor...even for a mild cigar. But after only a few days in my humidor they started to develop a nice taste and character. They are getting better by the day and I am really enjoying them now. A wonderful draw, a good even burn, and no plugs so far. I terrific cigar that you can afford to enjoy every day.
Jason in Louisiana April 22, 2005
"Matches Other Mild Brands Dollar For Dollar"
I love mild cigars. I've had Ashton, Dunhill, Macanudo, etc. Baccarat may be a step behind, but dollar for dollar it blows them away. A great everyday smoke.
Keith M. O'Neil in Calumet City, IL. April 19, 2004
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10 Construction (75) 100
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