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"Nasty and disappointing."
Nasty! I read the reviews that were 3 years old and thought this little smoke would be just what I wanted. My first 3 out of the box were bitter and not at all sweet. Also they are not individually sealed, but are in a box. I will have to let them age and hope they come around.
Jim T in So Carolina April 7, 2012
"Just What I've Been Looking For!"
After looking for quite a while, I finally reserved myself to the fact that strong cigars were the only way to go. Out of simple curiosity, I decided to try the Baccarat Platinum's and I was absolutely taken by surprise! These cigars stay lit from start to finish, the same for the taste, it stays the same all the way to the nub, the burn is great- no tunneling or canoeing, the appearance is excellent, no veins at all, and lastly I think that construction and draw go hand in hand and both are fantastic! I've finally found what I'm looking for and I'm getting ready to purchase more!! Bill
William M. in MD October 12, 2009
"Great Quickie Smoke in a Little Cigar"
Pleasurable little smoke with Rich to mild taste, excellent draw, excellent burn, delicate ash and very good even construction throughout the box. Have to lock the boxes in my humidors to keep my sons from smoking 'em up. The wives and girlfriends love the aroma.
Arcadia Point in 472.1LMR March 30, 2007
"Quickie but a goodie"
Good quick cigar. Gets a little hot if you go more than halfway. Just slow down the puffing and it's fine.
Scott in Wilmington, NC March 5, 2007
"Fine smoke"
Re: Platinums. As an infrequent smoker who enjoys a rich/mild 20 minute smoke, these get a high grade. The wrapper taste is sweet (a surprise) but/and the filler is rich. One to enjoy!
Dan in Niskayuna April 17, 2003
"Great little cigar with a sweet taste"
Very good smoke, draws well, has no bite at all and is just the right size for a short smoke during the drive home or lunch
Joel K. Hastings in Huntsville, AL May 6, 2000
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10 Burn (79) 100
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10 Consistency (77) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (85) 100
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10 Taste (85) 100
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10 Construction (76) 100
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