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Baccarat Polo Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke one of my favorites"
This has always been one of my favorites. Draws easily, mild, a nice finish. This seems to be one of the only distributors that still carries the Polo, so I keep coming back.
Bill in Chicago Area March 14, 2013
"narrow head causes tough draw"
Nice mild cigar but narrow head causes it to clog easily with tar. Had to keep snipping off 1/16" of head perodically in order to hold a decent draw. Otherwise, a fine cigar for the price, with a slightly spicy finish on the tongue.
alan spalmacin in lexington, kentucky May 22, 2004
"A smooth,easy-drawing, and well-constructed cigar"
Once you get past the somewhat exaggerated shape, the Polo really impresses with its smooth flavor and is quite pleasurable to smoke
George in NJ May 19, 2004
"An excellent value for the $$"
A big part of the enjoyment is HOW the cigar looks and is constructed. These Polos are very interesting in looks and construction. The flavor definitely improves as they smoke down, but construction seems less tight (they draw easily for such a long cigar) than I'd prefer. Still, I think a good value for the $$ and I'm disappointed this shape is being discontinued.
Scott J in Minocqua, WI March 17, 2004
"A real bargin"
Mild, easy draw, stays lit, even burn, great price!!
Nicky Nexsen in Kingstree South Carolina February 23, 2001
"Very nice smoke"
I can only speak of the Polo. Have smoked a few boxes in my years and I always come back to it as one of my favorites. Very mild yet very flavorful. But perhaps I like the Polo for its other qualities. The Polo has a tapered body, which if you've never lit one up in front of a crowd, well, its always a conversation piece. I've never tried one of the other size, and I have no need to bother. Another feature, the fantastic wood box. I've kept my haircutting clippers in a Baccarat Polo cigar box for the past 11 years. I know this well because I've cut my son's hair his entire life and he's now 11. So you see, to me at least, the Baccarat Polo is more than just a great smoke at a great price, its a family heirloom! By the way, the box only looks like its one year old. Talk about quality. The Baccarat Polo - highly recommended, you just can't go wrong
Mike Prascak in Pittsburgh September 19, 2000
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