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Baccarat Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"Everyday Cigar"
I've tried several different brands both expensive and bargain brand, and for the money the Baccarat has become my everyday cigar. I like the slight sweet tip. I have always went for the naturals but won an auction on the Maduro, and "WOW". What a great cigar for the money. Medium body and flavor great draw and that sweetness is still there. My new everyday cigar the "Baccarat Maduro Rothchild".
Randy in Hoffman Est March 10, 2009
"Great Taste,Mild, Good Burn, No after taste,fresh"
Great mild smoke, taste is satisfying,no after taste, good burn, great value.....Very enjoyable
Rob in Parma Heights,Ohio February 7, 2009
"An Excellent Morning Coffee Cigar"
I really enjoy this smoke early in the morning along with a cup of strong, black unsweetened coffee. The construction, burn, flavor and draw have been consistently pleasant. The sweetness of the cigar is not overpowering and there is not the ?chemical taste? that I seem to get from the Java cigars.
George in Painesville, September 11, 2008
"Still good after 50 more boxes!"
I liked these cigars (Rothschild Maduro)when I first smoked them 3 years ago. I gave another review 2 years ago after a dozen or so boxes. Now, two years and about 50 boxes further into this cigar, I still have found no other with this consistency of flavor, draw and construction for even twice the price. Oh sure, some of them are not as pretty or as perfect as some more expensive cigars, but they are consistently pleasant and flavorful, with an easy draw and good amounts of smoke. Baccarat Maduros will continue to be my everyday cigar until I find a better one and, although I keep trying, I haven't yet found one as consistent.
Harold in TN September 9, 2008
"Absolutely Fine Smoke"
I have smoked several Baccarat cigars with the natural wrapper, but finally got around to trying the maduro rothschild and all I can say is "Wow"! This little baby kicks butt! I've paid several times the price of this cigar for 'top of the line premiums', and the Baccarat Maduro Rothschild can go toe to toe with the vast majority of them. A truly enjoyable smoke, and one I'll be seeking out in the future.
Rick in Missouri May 25, 2008
"Still my favorite after 18 months"
In November, 2005 I raved about the Rothschild 5x50 Maduro after 4 boxes. Now I can say, after an additional 12 boxes, that I still haven't had a bad one. Oh, yes, every now and then one doesn't burn perfectly evenly, but every one has had a smooth draw, lots of smoke, and great taste right up until the time I burn my fingers. I look forward all day to sitting outside with my cigar and having one hour of peace and let go of the day's stress. The Baccarat is my unwinder. If anyone has found a better cigar for a buck seventy-five, I would be surprised.
Harold Walter in TN September 15, 2006
"My Favorite Evening Cigar"
Baccarat has become my favorite everyday cigar - A Natural in the afternoon at work, a Sumatra when outside playing, and a Maduro in the evening just before bed. The 5X50 Maduro is so flavorful and so mild that I burn my fingers at the end. I am on my fourth box of these Maduros and every one of them has been well constructed with a smooth draw and an appropriate amount of smoke. The taste is a 10. Try them if you like flavorful but mild to medium Maduros.
Harold W in Memphis, TN November 15, 2005
"Try The MADUROS!!"
I started off with the naturals, thinking that this was the best damn cigar and all i ever needed. One day my local snobbish cigar retailer ran out of them and all they had left were the maduros. So I tried it and so to say.... These kick ass!!! Fans of Baccarat if you have not tried the maduros.... Take my advice, they're wonderful!!
D. Vargas in S.A. Texas June 11, 2004
"A very enjoyable cigar!"
I can´t really understand how this cigar can burn uneven, the one I just smoked burned perfect (I have smoked a lot of Cohiba Esplendidos that have burned a lot worse than this one). The taste was good, a bit woody. I found i a bit sweet at the beginning but it mellowed of. The sweetness of the cigar invited me to enjoy a drink of Ouzo which went very well with the cigar. I´ve just discovered another favourite!
Stefan Andersson in Uppsala, Sweden January 31, 2004
"Great tasting cigar"
Being a relatively new cigar smoker, I have tried at least 15 different labels. This one is by far the best as a sweet, great smelling every day smoke. It does burn a little unevenly, but so have my $12 Cuesta Rey's (my favorite). But my wife loves the smell of them and she doesn't complain like she does with some of the other more full flavored, potent smelling cigars. Stock up!
John in Mission Viejo, CA October 9, 2003
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