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Baccarat Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"Pleasantly Surprised"
This cigar came as a free sample in an order I placed. It had the bad fortune of being up against the Arturo Fuentes that I had initially orderd. I wasn t expecting the pleasant surprise that this cigar brought. The sweet tip was noticed but not overpowering like some of the Acids. The wrapper had a pea-sized color spot and a couple of small wrinkles, but it lit, drew, and burned perfectly. The taste was mild as advertized, but without much complexity. Overall it was a very nice smoke and I will probably order a box down the road.
Leo in Wherever I park the RV November 30, 2013
"A good everyday smoke."
This is a favorite everyday cigar for me. The combination of the sweet tip and mild smoke make this a thick and creamy delight. Highly recommended for beginners, this cigar will surprise you. I have never been disappointed.
Sketch in Connecticut February 21, 2011
"tasty wrapper, but filler tends to burn hot"
I have had a box of these in the humidor for a couple of weeks. I like the taste of the wrapper. The filler I am not so crazy about. For a mild cigar, these can get hot and kind of nasty if one is not careful. For the price, I am not too disappointed. The construction, draw, and burn have been consistent and satisfactory so far. Patience seems to be the key to getting a pleasant smoke from the stick to the ring. I'll revisit with another take if the experience gets better or worse. Right now, I'd say that if you are looking for a modestly priced mild smoke of this size, then the Baccarat Rothschild is worth a try.
in January 29, 2011
"Great first time buy!"
This is the first time I've tried the Baccarat Rothschild Claro. The sweetened wrapper was nice and it burned evenly. This cigar was very mild and certainly smells great. I purchased a few for me and my father in law and will most definitely buy more!
David in Oregon November 19, 2010
Excellent Cigar! Claro wrapper has a slightly differing taste from Natural wrap with a mild sweet under taste. Good as any Baccarat stick.
Rich Hudzinski in Coraopolis, Pa October 30, 2010
"Smooth !!"
As a beginner the info on this cigar is correct. I had a Havana Cuban cigar a long time ago with a green wrapper and it was great. I wrote this company trying to find a similar cigar and they pointed me to this one. I like to draw the smoke slowly into my mouth and then let it roll out while breathing it into my nostrils. It is very good smelling and it wont rip your nostrils out like a harsh cigar does. It's very mild and smells great. I will continue to purchase these excellent cigars again. Thanks Famous Smoke Shop for turning me on to this fine cigar.
J.A. Severson in United States September 8, 2009
"The Claro is Very Decent!"
Right out of the box, the Rothschild Claro is one good lighter smoke. The wrapper tastes sweet. Green and flawless. Burns perfectly when punched. Plenty of smoke, tastes smooth and doesn't bite at the finish. For a milder stick, me likee, lots! Too bad Famous is tapped-out of these right now...
Vectorer in Kalamazoo Tower February 8, 2009
"Pass on the Claro Robusto"
Baccarat is usually a very reliable cigar in all aspects. Normally, you can't go wrong with any of their other shapes and/or wrappers. Great value and good craftsmanship. This one, however, is the exception. Firstly..of the 3 that I have smoked, the burn was uneven and the draw was too easy, thereby causing the cigar to burn hot unless the utmost of care is taken. This is frustrating as the tip had to be constantly mended, until out of frustration I gave up and was left with a canoed cigar. Mediocre taste with an ammonia finish. Pretty bad. Nothing like other Baccarats that I have enjoyed.
Richie T in Villanova August 25, 2008
I bought a box of Baccarat Claro Rothschild. Fantastic appearance. Very luscious green wrapper. I usually like maduros but this claro was a great contrast. Very mild and sweet flavor. I love the sweetened cap that is Baccarat's signature. Very smooth. Great aroma. Nice rich smoke but not overpowering. I had one kid walk by and say, "That dude's cigar is GREEN!!" It was great. I will definitely buy them again. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a change of pace. Just when you need something other than your usual maduro or natural. Try this claro. You will be glad what you did. Smell what you've been missing.
Sean in Montesano May 21, 2008
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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