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Baccarat Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"Was this a Cigar??"
I recieved this in the Grand slam Sampler and Found it to be a vast dissapointment. The construction was horrible and the taste even worse. I can only think that all these people in here who really like this have never really tried a good cigar cause in my view this ain't even close.
Irvin Rappaport in Minneapolis July 30, 2003
I laughed when I saw a review that said I should have smoked the band instead! This stick started with a sweetness that was overcome by a bitter, strong coffee-like taste. It was the most uneven burn I've experienced. If you got 'em, give 'em to an ex-friend.
The Stine in KC April 1, 2003
"Sweet and mild"
Wasn't expecting much based on several reviews,but I found this cigar to be a nice smooth smoke. Creamy,mild wood flavor. Good with a finger of a single batch Bourbon. The sweet wrapper will appeal to new smokers
BeerSnob in oklahoma July 8, 2002
"Awful taste and burn"
The Rothschild Maduro was the worst cigar I have ever smoked, including the 2 dollar pack I bought at a gas station. Terrible taste,uneven burn. Yuk. It does have a really pretty band,though. I shoulda smoked that, it probably woulda tasted better.
Chuck Shunkwiler in Dearborn, Mi June 21, 2002
"this cigar sucs big time!"
tried two maduro and one natural from a sample pack i bought...laid both of them to rest in my ash tray shortly after lighting them up....big disapointment...never again
grandCRU in florida May 8, 2002
"Good every day cigar."
Good taste, I just finished a box and had only two that didn't burn well. Sweet taste goes well with Crown on the rocks. Will buy this one again.
G.Hall in Maine February 2, 2000
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