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"Bad news"
Got this as a freebie with my last order. Appearance, burn and draw were good. Taste, not so much. I laugh when I read snobby reviews like a hint of nutmeg and a dash of fresh baked cookies with cinnamon and warm milk and a purring kitty. This thing was like burning rubber, with a smidge of rap music I ve never tasted anything so foul.
Greg in Idaho November 22, 2013
"Very nice"
My absolute favorite to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the AM. Great smoke at a very fair price.
Herb in Dana Point CA. May 19, 2013
"nice mild cigar"
I got this cigar as part of a mild sampler. Its description says that it's sweetened, which is apparent when you first put it in your mouth; this is a nice touch. Overall, good construction, nice consistent burn, draw and aroma, with a smooth flavor. It's a nice, mild cigar.
John in Mission Viejo, CA July 14, 2012
"Sweet, mild, and recommended."
I tried this mild cigar and was pleasantly surprised. The cigar appeared to be well made and held together nicely for the entire smoke. It cut and lit nicely. The burn was even and the draw a little light. The taste was VERY nice. It was sweet and mild. Not too sweet but just a hint for the entire smoke. I enjoyed it with a glass of iced tea and it paired wonderfully. The aroma was nice and not offensive to my family. I will buy a box of these to keep in my humidor and have one weekly I'm sure. Do yourself a favor and try one.
Tony M in Plano, TX July 4, 2012
"Always Enjoyable"
I light up a Baccarat almost every week, its constantly in the humi and in my rotation. Love the sweet simplicity of the cigar and its flavors. Never had a construction flaw other than some veins, and the draw is always good enough. For the price its a great daily smoke, its not something youd rave about, but its definitely worth trying.
Christian in TX April 12, 2012
Impressed. I smoked one of these yesterday from a sampler pack. I thought it was great. Great taste, not too strong, burned perfectly. I will definitely buy more. I can't wait to smoke another one.
GARY in KENTUCKY February 23, 2012
"Mild and Sweet"
I am pleasently surprised by this cigar, it seems like the perfect morning smoke. The sweetened tip paired up nicely with the Maduro wrapper, not too sweet and not boring at all.
Petar N. in Yelm, Wa. July 12, 2011
"Quality has deteriorated"
This has been my everday cigar for 6 years and over 100 boxes. No more! Maker has been purchased by large company and quality has gone downhill. No more sweet tip, no more good taste, no more good draw and lots of smoke. Got to find a new one now.
Harold Walter in Memphis, TN May 26, 2011
"Still going strong after 5 years!"
This is my third review. After 5 years and close to 100 boxes, I still have not found a better everyday cigar at any price. I smoke various premiums at night, but I am often disappointed in their consistency. The Baccarat Maduro is the same, box after box. Good flavor, consistent draw and reasonable price.
Harold in Memphis July 11, 2010
"Terrific short smoke"
Like a lot of other smokers, I started on Baccarat naturals and thought if I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one brand of smokes, it would be Baccarat. I recently decided to try the maduros and found them to be even better. I've smoked thousands of cigars over the last 35 years and I have about 7-10 favorites that I rotate smoking for variety and the Baccarat maduro robusto is now one of those mainstays. A good tightly packed mild, sweet cigar with an excellent draw. Better to use a blade cutter rather than a bullet punch, in my humble opinion.
Alan in Mississippi April 26, 2010
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