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Baccarat Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"This is a great cigar with a cup of coffee."
I just bought my second box and have enjoyed every one. I sit outside with a good cup of coffee and love the taste blend of the cigar and my coffee. I will be buying more of these in the future. Thanks
Bob B in Plantation Fl January 4, 2009
"too loose"
constructed too loosely...too much heat with each draw...sweet taste,though...
Charlie C. in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"Wonderful smoke, truly enjoyable!"
I purchased a Famous mild sampler that contained a Baccarat Rothschild. Liked it so much I just bought a box. As a "newer" cigar smoker, this is my first box purchase.
Tom in Virginia October 27, 2008
"lite and tasty @ A dam good price!"
just had one of these baccarat rothchilds. look the way every thing cost now a days, these wont let you down. through the week during your comute to work or back home or after youve choked down lunch. i garantee youll wish you had one of these after din din. save the more expensive stuff for the weekend . these burn ok alittle ashy , nice construction but the taste my friends.... smooth all the way... i know their is more tastier stogies out there, but these taste like a descent stogie and not like other cigars that promieses you this and that just to blow smoke up your a hole. just to find out it taste like a dam cigy, I f&^&^(KEN hate bein had , dont you? . give one of these a try @ 2bucks and some change. i dont feel like a shmuck smoking a baccarat.
A Puente in ca September 7, 2008
"Nice Golf Course Smoke"
I have gotten several 5 packs of these and enjoy smoking these out on the golf course. They usually burn even and are a good, mild cigar.
Milkco in Cincinnati January 11, 2008
"Morning breakfast treat"
As a normal practice, I let my new arrivals get accustomed to their surroundings before I lite em up. Tomorrow's breakfast could not come fast enough. I had to see if these Baccarat's were as good as advertised. It was a real treat. Smooth and mellow with a discrete taste. Just the right amount of fragrance for a morning smoke. Burn and draw were perfect. When I golf I demand a more powerful smoke, but this was breakfast on the patio and there was no one to impress but me. I was not disappointed.
Ray in West Michigan July 16, 2007
"Not Impressed"
Too mild and sort of blah tasting to me. The wrapper is entirely too delicate, the end caps all split either upon cutting or about 1/3 through smoking. Am ageing the rest without the cellophane to see if that improves the end-cap splitting problem. Highly Overrated cigar in my opinion.
Arcadia Point in 472.1LMR April 11, 2007
Been wanting to try the Baccarat for a while and was able to purchase this with a deal and, well, was very dissappointed. Did not like the taste of the wrapper and it went downhill from there. Will give the rest away.
Russ in Delaware March 10, 2007
"Nice Smoke"
I just had my first one the other day during lunch break. If I had more time I might have lit up another. It was a very pleasing smoke. I thought it had nice construction, consistent draw, mild aroma, and puffs of creamy smoke. I would recommend you give this one a try. 2 Thumbs Up! Can't wait to try the Maduros next!
Kevin Brown in DE March 3, 2007
"One of my favorites and thats saying a lot"
I really do love this cigar. The look of it is a sporty yet classy look and I love the slogan of the game. The taste is like nothing else, I love a good cigar taste and as far as flavors go I usually am not a huge fan. This cigar does an incredible job of balancing the flavor on the wrapper and the good leaf taste. The draw is not very tight but I will tell you this, it works perfectly for this cigar. Some times when the draw is lose I do not like it but it fits this smoke. I always, always have a few of these in my humidor and I am going to start buying boxes of these because of the frequency that I smoke these.
Ted in West Chester PA November 8, 2006
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