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Baccarat Sumatra 1997 Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Quite a surprise!"
These were a real surprise. I bought these for my golfing buddies who prefer milder cigars. The aroma is very pleasant. Even though I prefer more full-bodied cigars, I tried them and the taste is very good. These are now on my daily smoke list especially with their inexpensive price. I would recommend them if you enjoy a mild smoke.
Omar in Richland, WA September 30, 2005
Got my bundle and immediately smoked one. Good taste....but....tunneling, hard draw, what seemed like plugs, and I thought oh crap! Took them all out of the cello and put them in the humidor. 3 days later I smoked one, just for the heck of it and, BINGO! An amazing transformation took place in just 72 hours. By June these should be a $7.00 cigar for just a buck! I will definitely be ordering more for my everyday smoke.
Mark R in Latrobe, PA April 30, 2005
"Great smoke for the price!"
A great smoke. A high class smoke at a affordable price. Anyone who has or smokes Baccarat should jump on this offer.
Ted Stallman in Kissimmee Fl January 17, 2005
"OK, I guess"
I got a bundle about a month ago. I have had Baccarat (singles) before and really liked them. So when I seen these on sale, I bought some. I was a little let down with them. They have solid construction, nice burn, but the flavor in some are strong and taste just like a "SWISHER SWEET"(nasty!) and some are weak and bitter. I have 2 that were GOOD, so I will let the rest sit in the humidor and finish my others and hopefully they improve with time.
owenthecat1 in November 9, 2003
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