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Baccarat Sumatra 1997 Corona Reviews [view details]

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"What happened to this cigar!?"
Been smokin' this gar for years with no complaint, but the bundle I just received is NASTY. The taste and burn are NOT the usual smoke. Something is wrong. Did they change the recipe? The filler ash looks like burned sponge. Horrible. I emailed customer service and they didn't seemed to be concerned about it. I will not order more Sumatra from them.
Joe McCormick in Tennessee February 6, 2011
"Great consistent everyday smoke. Never disappoints"
I have purchased this bundle many times, and I'm amazed that from light to nub, this cigar is a pleasure. Tasty sweet wrapper and a great taste and smell. Highly recommended for a daily mild cigar at a great price. Great to give to friends at a party who aren't regular cigar smokers, too. Not too full to blow them away.
Mark in Oregon September 19, 2010
"Not very mild, but very good for the price"
I was very pleased with this cigar. I thought I was getting mild but they are more towards medium and a lot of spice. However, after a month in the humidor, they mellowed into a very nice smoke. For the price, I will likely buy again.
David B in Louisiana January 15, 2010
"Not bad at all! Great Deal!"
I've been smoking these along with my regular Baccarats and can hardly tell the difference. Maybe they're just a little more mellow. I look forward to buying more bundles of these for my daytime (work) smokes and I'll save the Baccarats for the evenings.
RBlox in Virginia Beach November 11, 2009
"Lot to like, but too harsh..."
I had high hopes for this bundle...and there is a lot to like about this cigar. I love the old-fashioned sweetened tip, and the clouds of aromatic smoke. It's got a nice even burn. It is a quality construction. And the price is right! But the bite on your tongue that this cigar just is too harsh. A month in my humidor didn't mellow it enough for me. But as much as I like the construction, burn and aromatic qualities of this cigar, I won't be buying another one and I can't recommend it. Sadly.
David in Washington, DC January 25, 2009
"Quality Bundle"
Best bundle from FSS to date. Great with coffee or by itself. If you are looking for a sensational "everyday" cigar, this is the one for you. Taste, aroma and draw were pleasing as was the price.
Steven in West Palm Beach, Florida March 19, 2008
"bitter and harsh"
The catalog says sweet and low--should say bitter and harsh. One of the worst cigars I ever had. I know it is a matter of ones taste,but they are nothing like they are advertise. I was very disappointed I would not buy them again.
carlo in manahawkin, new jersey December 16, 2007
"Harsh, burns fast"
These cigars were unsmokeable upon arrival. After on month in my humidor they still burn fast and taste harsh. At least they don't burn as hot as they did a few weeks ago. At least I ordered two bundles. Maybe after two or three years in the humidor they'll be decent cigars. I will not order more.
Darron in Round Rock, TX January 6, 2007
"Think I'll pass next time on these"
Got a ten pack at auction. Disappointed in the taste and construction. If I buy anymore Baccarat's, they won't be the Sumatras.
Milkco in Cincinnati, OH December 25, 2006
"Nice construction and sheen, but alot of ammonia.."
I received my order last week and noticed the ammonia smell as soon as I took the cello off to add them to my humidor. 5 days later, I just smoked one. The ammonia is less pronounced, but still there...along some great, subtle chocolate flavor and aromas. We'll see what a month in the humidor does to these...I'll let you know.
Pat R in Bellingham, WA October 26, 2006
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