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Baccarat Sumatra 1997 Presidente Reviews [view details]

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"His Excellency-Still Better Yet."
Great, mild, easy draw-and cheap-I'll get used to the mild flavor after smokin' 75-but they are reasonably good and better than I've found elsewhere. Rather light wrapper, and slightly hollow, but wow! El Presidente.
Ronald in Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 May 7, 2013
"WOW- for the price"
I ordered the bundle expecting a good yard cigar. Something to burn while mowing the lawn and working the vegetable garden. Also I typically let most cigars sit in the humidor a few weeks minimum. Because of the size of these my humidor was over flowing, so I lit one up the day after they arrived. Extremely pleased - this was the 1st dulce stick I ever had - very nice flavor. It held a long ash the entire smoke. I normally go for the full bodied but the mildness was good too. Only problem the yard work never got done because I sat thru the whole burn.
Andy in So Cal March 23, 2013
Decent even taste. If you like "Front line" Baccarat you should take to these.
Rich in Coraopolis June 8, 2010
"Decent smoke and price"
Decent smoke and price. The Baccarat Sumatra Presidente burns slightly uneven with delicate construction but the draw is nice from start to finish though. The cigar starts off like an Acid 1400cc---sweet---and then slightly gives way to hints of chocolate with a coffee/hazelnut finish.
Ben in San Francisco March 28, 2008
""Handle with care""
A very good cigar for the price. A very mild and sweet cigar. A few burnt a little uneven. The only complaint is the wrapper - they're a little too fragile for me and easily crack and come loose.
Allan in Central PA February 27, 2008
"Nice one"
If you like Baccies' youll love these (for the value) right out of the bundle or months in the humidor-the stick just gets better and better. Good Smoke for outdoor activites where you wouldn't want to endager a ten dollar cigar!
Tony "Bones" Meriam in South Dakota December 17, 2007
"Long, Sweet but burns uneven"
This was purchased as a special from Famous and it is one sweet cigar. Nice and long and lights well. Burns uneven tho and wants your attention or it will go out.Just fits in my humi at 8 1/2 long.
LEONARD in FARMINGDALE, L.I. August 15, 2007
"You have to give these a try..."
This is one great evening smoke... If you have an hour or so to enjoy it. Sweet cap with a very satisfying smooth flavor. An easy drawing wonderful cigar. Try one! My humidor will always have a few of these giant stogies.
Major Stiebretz Bailey Jr in Noblesville August 6, 2005
"I love these cigars"
I just recently purchased my first bundle. I smoke both sweet and spicy cigars. Baccarat is my favorite every day mild and sweet smoke. I find the Baccarat Sumatra to be an interesting combination. These smokes are built solid. I haven't had any plugs and the burn is even and holds an ash well. If you smoke the Presidente, it's going to last you all night long.
John Scott in Albany, NY December 28, 2004
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