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Baccarat Sumatra 1997 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"every bit the Game"
good burn, always good draw, wonderful on the palate, the Game has another hit
thomasdeen in jackson November 2, 2008
"Nice flavor--But"
Nice flavor, but the cigars were soft and "mushy" and came apart. Time in the humi didn't seem to help at all.
Bluefly43 in Oregon April 21, 2008
"A Decent Smoke"
Not quite as good as the regular Baccarat "The Game" but they're close enough. These aren't quite as sweet as those plus they have a bit more of a bite which tends to mellow with a bit of sleep in the humi. Also like the original, I don't consider these "mild", they're more of a medium, particularly as you get to the halfway point. Keep in mind though that for an average of $30 per bundle you are getting a nice medium bodied Camacho for the yard or for the first smoke of the day. Not bad at all.
CitizenLand in Rhode Island March 29, 2008
"Worth a gamble"
Nice surprise. Smoother and more flavorful than I expected. I'll buy more of these.
Ed Davis in Arkansas February 14, 2008
""The Game" is over"
Baccarat .... is a 'new game' as far as I am concerned. These babies are a home run. Let's see .... Original or Sumatras ??... DUH! Get a bundle of these, enjoy them as much as any Baccarat you every smoked, and pocket the $aving$ .. or use them to buy more Sumatras. Famous, you have definitely scored another winner here.
Richard in Missouri December 10, 2007
"Buy as many as you can!!"
Great cigar at a great price!! Even better than the original Baccarat to me.
Scott Johnson in NC December 27, 2006
"Excellent every day smoke!"
What a great smoke! A joy from beginning to end. With the sweet cap, smooth draw, and great flavor, you surely end up with this on your favorites list.
John Buckley in New Hampshire July 18, 2006
"Well made,great consistancy and flavor!"
This cigar was good right out of the gate!. It drew extremely well and the flavor was great. I'll definately buy these again. Well done Baccarat!
BILL STRATTON in OHIO May 17, 2006
"Don't buy....INVEST!"
You had me at hello with these babies....First, it's a Baccarat, and we all know what that's about. Secondly, it's a Sumatra, and thirdly the price! But count the money as invested, not spent, as you get far more than your money's worth with this cigar. Sweet, and medium bodied to my palate, with consistently good construction. I have found that the draw on these can vary somewhat, but well within the tolerance range of the average smoker. But don't buy too many...Leave some for me, and don't say The Joker didn't ever do anything for you, lol. Pound-for-pound, possibly the best deal in the whole shootin' match!
The Joker in Ohio May 3, 2006
"Great cigar for the price"
For the money this is an excellent cigar. Mild and sweet. Great to smoke during a round of golf or just sitting around and relaxing.
rob klatt in hawaii October 30, 2005
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10 Construction (83) 100
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