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"Great Smoke"
Great little smoke just right for my commute home, excellent taste and just strong enough to relax after a hard days work
F.N. Crispy in Friendswood TX July 8, 2014
like the smoke just once a day after a good pool game and a few Scotch %26 Sodas' can't remember buying a 8 pack but pay for a 5 pack $5. The others are to sweet for me.
Robear in California June 19, 2013
"Too bad"
If the good folks of the Dominican Republic weren't so concerned about rolling there own before work, perhaps they could roll a decent cigar for Backwoods. As it is, this delightful smoke has been so compromised that it is no longer enjoyable. Hey I got a novel idea; How about bringing the factory home and getting serious about your non existent quality control... Signed very frustrated and disappointed. GOODBYE
T.K. in Palm Desert January 7, 2013
you had a great product but like so many other idiotic people you have screwed this one up !
jon.dog in south Indiana April 7, 2012
"bad move"
Changing the packaging is one thing I could deal with if necessary, but the Black and sweet aromatic product is not the same smoke and I am looking for a new cigar since you no longer offer my other favorite --grape. Count me as an unhappy customer.
Brian A Nelson in Eagle point OR April 13, 2011
"bad move"
Such a dumb move on the cigar maker, they did not help the small smoker, and the packaging is the same size except with less cigars and more expensive, Time to change brands. Must be the CEO's think the cigar smoker is not very smart. The last time we bought these cigars they were all dryed out and received no satification from the company after sending a mail.
lou Fell in ny February 3, 2011
I put up with the holes in TOO MANY cigars. Now they reduced the pacakages to 5 and it seems the tobacco content is less, as well. I'm finished
in December 12, 2010
"was good"
Does Backwoods want to become one of the rest? Why the new package and higher price? We best start looking for "just an average smoke" like the rest! Dumb move, Dumb marketing!!
dgraham1433@yahoo.com in November 10, 2010
"More Packaging, Less Product--Way To Go!"
I buy these for a good friend who now says "More packaging, less product...that's the American Way."
Jim in Alexandria, VA October 28, 2010
"8/5 Change"
I've smoked Backwoods Black for years in the 8 pack. What did you guys do? Hire a bunch of new MBA's!!! It's wrong to change the pack from 8 to 5 and raise the price.
Mike in Toledo,OH October 15, 2010
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