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Backwoods Reviews

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Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
valentin in israel April 7, 2014
Backwoods Original (5)
"great for short smokes"
i mostly smoke the hand made cigar but sometimes i dont have time to smoke the big ones so i buy these bottom line they great for short smokes and i like them
dan the cigar man in ma March 21, 2014
Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
Probably the best tasting cigar I ve ever smoked. Been smoking them for almost 9 years. The quality was great in the beginning but now their quality is crap. I throw away on the average of 2 - 3 per pack. That gets really expensive. I ve talked to the US distributor about it and for some reason they don t see a problem. We ll when enough of us find a better cigar to go with they just might get their heads out of the sand and fix things. For as much as they cost every cigar should be nothing less than perfect. I am very disappointed in how poorly the company is making their products these days. They need to roll them a lot loser and with no holes in them. I am so tired of throwing my money away. Probably a good time to give it up.
Steve in Washington State February 27, 2014
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"quality? there is none!!"
smoked these for years .lucky to get 2 or 3 from a pack that will smoke im done fighting!!!will be looking for anouther brand or just quit
gerald in so. ind. February 20, 2014
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Quality has gone donehill fast"
The quality of this product has hit bottom. If one is lucky they may get one or two normal good ones in a pack. They are rolled too tight and won t draw, too lose and fall apart, lose at the ends and need to be snipped off - then one ends up spitting out little bits, or they have holes in them so all one sucks is air. this used to be an excellent product but quality control is now non existent. Oh... I forgot to mention several packs over 20 have been moldy which I am sure is not a good thing. In any case I have been smoking these for years but since the smaller packs and higher price I'm sorry but these days you are just selling junk.
Frank in Washington February 12, 2014
Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
"Smoke With Pleasure"
Very interesting cigar. Brutal exterior for real men.
Alexey in Moscow, RUS December 19, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Poor Quality Wrapping & Too Many Holes"
I love the Backwoods Sweet Aromatic but the inconsistent wrapping, too tight or too loose, makes for an increasing distraction from the product overall. I don t believe increasing the cost of the item, reducing the number of cigars per pack AND THE INCREASING POOR QUALITY OF THE WRAPPER is a very good marketing strategy. Someone needs to speak the Backwoods people and tell them to talk to their quality control folks.
Paul Crandall in Klamath December 18, 2013
Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
"Very poor"
Been smoking these about three years now and probably have thrown away about 20% of the cigars because of poor construction ,staleness,horrible flavor,it seems out of a pack of five I may get two good ones that smoke well all the way through... But if I get a good one I really enjoy it. I have cut down my smoking from about 10 a day to half that. Really don t think this particular company gives a damn about their customers opinions or quality control!
Randy in Connecticut December 15, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Done smoking thanks to Backwoods"
After 15 years of smoking Backwoods Sweet Aromatic, I have finally found a reason to quit. I have endured you reducing the pack from 8 to 5 and keeping the price the same, I have endured your poor rolling techniques with all the tears, but now, with the new rollers, I find myself snipping 1/4 to 1/2 of the cigar to even get a draw. I see you sold out to the corporate giants to get your name on the shelves, but you created such an inferior product that I no longer want to smoke. I was a Backwoods or nothing guy - gave up cigarettes for your product, and you let me down. Might get a better rate on Obamacare now that I quit, so I guess it s a good thing. You guys obviously don t smoke what your selling or you would never put this inferior rolling on the shelves.
Carter in Arizona November 18, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"tasty good flavor"
been smoking the honey berry...love the taste but out of a pack of 5 you might get 3 good ones..not wrapped properly..or have holes in wrapper..
larry in west branch mi.. October 28, 2013
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