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Backwoods Reviews

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Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
"went from 8 to 5 and only 3 are rolled good"
These cigars are my favorite but they went from 8 in a pack to 5 with the price going up . Half of them have holes in them . It just make me mad .They really had a good thing but it has really gone down hill fast.
Sally in Chaut. May 13, 2013
Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
All the bad reviews have me a little worried but I did try my very first Honey Berry Backwoods cigar and I loved it they blow Swisher Sweets out of the water. This will probably be my main cigar from now on, I give it 10 out of 10.
Stephen in pueblo March 9, 2013
Backwoods Honey (5)
"Quality's finally improving"
I agree with the reviews stating that the Backwoods Honeys were turning into junk. But after unsuccessfully looking for alternatives I decided to give them another chance . . . I'm glad I did. After smoking through two boxes I was satisfied that the quality has definitely improved to the level it used to be.
Dan in Poulsbo, WA February 25, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"love them but loking for alternetive"
years ago the quality was very good but now it got bad full pack dry and full of holes the producer should read some reviews or they gone lose lots of business
Alin in Chicago February 19, 2013
Backwoods Tube Sweet Aromatic
"The price is to high and they came out too stale"
The prices to the backwoods have gone up real high, and they're still coming out really stale
Josh saveen in Malden, ma 02148 February 13, 2013
Backwoods Tube Sweet Aromatic
"The prices are to high"
The prices to these cigars are way to high it's like your paying for 2 but you only get 1
Carlos vilchez in Malden Ma, 02148 February 13, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"bad bad wrappers"
I agree with other comments about it being a shame that such a good smoke is often so full of holes that it won't even draw. Not to mention the ones rolled to the hardness of wood (no kidding!). I have purchased these for years but have finally had enough. At my local stores, by the box (40), these guys are a BUCK apiece. Too much when there are fewer than 1/3 of them that are any good. They use leaf with HUGE stems left in for the wrapper. This often leaves leaking seams down the sides. They also often have holes in the wrapper I have measured at 1/4 in in diameter! I would like to find the same cigar as the Sweet Ar. but with a good consistent roll and a clear (or at least sealed) wrapper.
bill in montana January 28, 2013
Backwoods Black (5)
"Too bad"
If the good folks of the Dominican Republic weren't so concerned about rolling there own before work, perhaps they could roll a decent cigar for Backwoods. As it is, this delightful smoke has been so compromised that it is no longer enjoyable. Hey I got a novel idea; How about bringing the factory home and getting serious about your non existent quality control... Signed very frustrated and disappointed. GOODBYE
T.K. in Palm Desert January 7, 2013
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Over-priced at retail end, poor quality of wrapper"
Wow, I thought I was the only one noticing the poor draw due to holes/poor wrapping. Uneven burning also makes the cigar "top heavy", where it burns further down one side than the other. The retail mark-up at local grocery stores is simply horrendous, but likely due to State taxes and store profit margins. Certainly not worth $4.50 for a five pack, though this site's prices seem reasonable. Get back to work, Backwoods, and keep your fan base by improving your quality control.
Joel in San Antonio, TX November 26, 2012
Backwoods Honey Berry (5)
"Failed to maintain quality"
It used to be best Cigar, I'd ever smoked but now no more. The sweet taste which I think was because of Honey dipped is no more. They must bring improvement in the quality.
Arshad Wali Muhammad in Pakistan August 31, 2012
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