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Backwoods Honey Berry (5) Reviews [view details]

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All the bad reviews have me a little worried but I did try my very first Honey Berry Backwoods cigar and I loved it they blow Swisher Sweets out of the water. This will probably be my main cigar from now on, I give it 10 out of 10.
Stephen in pueblo March 9, 2013
"Failed to maintain quality"
It used to be best Cigar, I'd ever smoked but now no more. The sweet taste which I think was because of Honey dipped is no more. They must bring improvement in the quality.
Arshad Wali Muhammad in Pakistan August 31, 2012
"My Favorite Cigar"
Deffinetily my favorite any time cigar. excellent taste, fairly cheap price, great aroma. my only complaint is that my humidor isnt full of them all the time. :)
Chad in Vermont June 24, 2012
"They're alright!!"
I don't know what all of the bad reviews are about? I am a younger, casual smoker, so I dont know what these used to be like, but I think these taste great! One of them did have a hole in it, so I couldn't do much with it, but other than that, no complaints! They tast great, smoke great, I'll keep buying!
Ryan in Lincoln April 12, 2012
So bad now, absolutely no sweet taste anymore on the honey berry, poor construction, won't stay lite. I buy 14 packs a week. No more, their loss. Isn't any feedback getting to them? So many customers hv bad reviews. Don't they get these reviews ? Why aren't they listening?
Carlin in Scottsdale as April 6, 2012
"Honey berry"
I love their flavor,but so poorly made,don't stay lit, sometimes they r broken. These need attention. If they werejust made better they we'd b worth the price. Ive had to return some they were falling apart.
Carrlyn w in Arizona March 27, 2012
RICK J in JACKSONVILLE FL. March 22, 2012
"Very Sad"
I agree with these reviews - the quality of these cigars has taken a huge plunge. I'm switching brands after many years. Can anyone name a decent alternative? I can't afford to by a 5 pack (which also sucks) of cigars where you're lucky if one or two can be smoked! What is wrong with this company? They had a winner and blew it!!
Bob in Connecticut February 6, 2012
"take action"
guys--go to the backwoods' website & make complaints there!! these guys are only the distributor--they can't change the quality of them!! PLEASE go to the site & register your complaints. We NEED to be heard & things need to go back to QUALITY!!! (my husband smokes 'em, btw)
christine in colorado January 17, 2012
"Quality down but still a good buy for the money"
I have been smoking Backwoods Honey Berry for quite awhile. I don't like how they went to the 5 pack and the quality of some is a little lacking, but I still can't find anything that tastes as good as them! Out of a pack there is normally one that is crap but the rest are good, I wish they would go back to having better quality control and if I find something else I will be switching but until then, they are still my preferred smoke.
Josh in Kentucky December 3, 2011
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