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"Bad Draw and Consistency"
They seem to be going downhill with the consistency of the wrap, some so tight you can't draw, some with holes so when you draw it just pulls through the holes. I even had an experience with a hard draw and a weird smell and when I got to two thirds of cigar gone it went out for no reason after the smell got really bad and upon inspection after seeing a yellow spot on the end of it I found a foam ear protection plug in it, disgusting.
Willie in Caldwell ID. February 8, 2015
"Quality Going Down Hill"
I`ve smoked Honey berry for years--8 to 5 cigars upset me --NOW I find more and more BADLY rolled cigars--they fall apart--HOLES!! Looking for another brand.. It`s a REAL bummer !!
Tom H. in Florida December 29, 2014
"Poor Quality"
Very poor quality and consistency. Some are rolled to tight so you can t draw, some are completely dried out and just crumble, some have BIG sticks in them. I tried a sample of 1882 s I received from Famous Smoke Shop and there MUCH better. Backwoods good by, Hello 1882!
John in Big Bear, CA August 29, 2014
I used to love this little cigar but am now getting tired of poor quality. 1. Rolled too tight, tough to draw 2. Sweet stem losing taste 3. 8 pack to 5 is dramatic price increase. 4. FIX the consistency as it was 3 years ago!
Dan in Massachusetts August 4, 2014
"Good flavor bad job on QC"
I have smoked honey berry for years i smoke a box and a half a week love the taste I got mad when they went from 8 to 5 in a pack now out of a pack of 5 you mite get 3 to smoke good the rest are rolled to tight or they have holes in the side or a big stem sticking out of the side thinking about finding a differnt cigar to smoke there is no where to complain about it i have tried dont mind a bad cigar every every so often but not have a pack every time
John Mullican in Alaska July 13, 2014
Probably the best tasting cigar I ve ever smoked. Been smoking them for almost 9 years. The quality was great in the beginning but now their quality is crap. I throw away on the average of 2 - 3 per pack. That gets really expensive. I ve talked to the US distributor about it and for some reason they don t see a problem. We ll when enough of us find a better cigar to go with they just might get their heads out of the sand and fix things. For as much as they cost every cigar should be nothing less than perfect. I am very disappointed in how poorly the company is making their products these days. They need to roll them a lot loser and with no holes in them. I am so tired of throwing my money away. Probably a good time to give it up.
Steve in Washington State February 27, 2014
"Smoke With Pleasure"
Very interesting cigar. Brutal exterior for real men.
Alexey in Moscow, RUS December 19, 2013
"Very poor"
Been smoking these about three years now and probably have thrown away about 20% of the cigars because of poor construction ,staleness,horrible flavor,it seems out of a pack of five I may get two good ones that smoke well all the way through... But if I get a good one I really enjoy it. I have cut down my smoking from about 10 a day to half that. Really don t think this particular company gives a damn about their customers opinions or quality control!
Randy in Connecticut December 15, 2013
"Hard Backwoods Smoker"
My favorite every day smoking!
Rumen Palov in Bulgaria July 19, 2013
From smoking different cigars and trying different types these are hands down the best flavor and great smoke for its value.
m.sepulveda in los angeles July 1, 2013
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