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Backwoods Honey Berry (5) Reviews [view details]

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"guess not...."
A few years ago, some one let me try a Backwood-honey berry cigar and I enjoyed. However; after reading the reviews and seeing all the defaults, I don't think I will be a costumer for this product. its a shame too; I really did like that cigar.
Shawn in Kansas City October 28, 2011
"What a rip off"
Backwoods...who ever is in charge,you should be embarrassed
Peter in Montreal,Quebec,Canada September 24, 2011
"fewer cigars, less quality"
I too have enjoyed Backwoods for many years, since they switched to a 5 pack instead of a 8 pack, the quality has gone down hill very fast. Many holes, loosely packed, just kinda of crappy craftsmanship. I wonder what ever happened to quality control.......I just wish they would make the cigars as they used to.
Craig in Green Bay, Wi July 22, 2011
"Love the cigar, Hate the 5 Pack!!!!!!!!!!"
I love your cigars,I used them to quit smoking cigarettes!! When y'all went to the 5 pack & couldn't find them anywhere I went back to Camels, believe it or not they are harder to get away from the 2nd time Thanx!!! They were hard enough to find in an 8 pack, now ya have to track them down more often!! Thanx again!!!!!!!! Bruster B. P.S. Y'all need to put a little more time & effort into Quality Control, 1 in 5 either are throw aways or have holes in them!!!!!!!!
Bruce Bridgman in Odessa, Texas February 24, 2011
"5 is not ALIVE!"
Boy...used to be good when they were 8 in a pack, now they went to 5 and I think the quality control people left town.....NOT GOOD.
Jay Johnson in Wisconsin February 22, 2011
"gone downhill badly"
quality control is horrible,2 out of 5 in new packs are throwaways, going back to chewing Redman,same construction.
vic muzyka in ca February 5, 2011
"Smaller pack, but very fresh and juicy!!!"
not too fond of less cigars per pack but ive had really good luck with the cigars being flavorfull and moist. nothing beats a fresh Backwoods!!!!!
Chad Laramee in Vermont January 24, 2011
I will not participate in the downsizing of what was a great cigar. I have been buying Backwoods for years and this is just a smack in the face. Go back to the eight pack and raise the price a little if you need to.
Getbendt in Palmdale California January 23, 2011
"why did you go to a 5 pack! DUMB"
why after all these years did you do this to all your customer's? MONEY??
virgle in navada January 23, 2011
"Oh, Backwoods...what did you do"
I have been smoking backwoods for years. Favorite flavors are Honey, Honey Berry, and Rum, but since Honey is hard to find and they stupidly discontinued Rum I've been sticking with Honey Berry. I thought it was just back luck that so many cigars lately seemed to be very loose but I guess it's not just me! I haven't noticed a big decline in quality otherwise but the carton price is BS. I can get the 5 packs at a local tobacco shop for $3.55 each which is just over half what the old 8 packs cost...not too bad I suppose?
Garrett in WV January 7, 2011
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