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Backwoods Honey Berry (5) Reviews [view details]

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"getting worse"
finding more and more "bad" ones in the pack. Tears, leaks, hard draws,,,wish there was a better product out there , but found none.
joe in nj January 7, 2011
"quality going downhill"
The package quanity & quality have both decresed. I tried the Ugly Coyote as a possible comparison.They do not compare in taste or smoothness.I will stick with Backwoods for sure.
Troy in Vermont December 3, 2010
"turned to crap"
It was the best cigar on the market, now it smells and tastes like crap and they won't tell us why!!!!
Neil Sorby in Wpg MB Canada December 1, 2010
"yup, 5 pack sucks"
Five bogus cigars instead of eight good cigars? Genius idea Backwoods. After 20 years as my favorite cigar, it's time to quit. cya
Drumhed in Minnesnowta November 23, 2010
"very poor quality lately for the price"
I have been an avid smoker of these for years, but with the drastic decline in quality, to the point of sometimes 2 or 3 in a package of 5 being unsmokeable or 1/2 smokeable, I may have to find another brand if the trend does'nt change, very disappointed in what used to be a very enjoyable cigar.
Steve Semcszyszyn in Ontario, Canada November 23, 2010
"finished with Backwoods"
Backwood has blown it with this 5 pack for the same money,also the quality is gone,about 3 cigar out of a 8 pack is, unsmokeable, will change brand
collis maddox in Chicago IL November 9, 2010
"The five pack sucks"
I am disappointed with the "new" five pack. Very very stupid move on Backwoods part. Were people complaining there were too many in a pack? I don't think so. Quality is not as good either. Been smoking Backwoods for 20 years and they change. Stupid is as stupid does. I still buy them and like them but not happy like I used to be. FS... please forward this to Backwoods.
Tom Braceland in Burbank CA November 5, 2010
"what a ripoff"
What a ripoff. Now you get 5 for the price of 8 and the quality has gone way down. I think it's a good reason to stop smoking them.
L.C. in Louisiana October 28, 2010
"The quality is GONE !!"
I have been smoking Backwoods Honey Berry for many years and LOVED the cigar. Since they switched to the 5 packs, the quality is terrible !! The cigars are loosely wrapped and many are unsmokable. They are using the same packaging which is very wasteful. I am now looking for an alternative brand !!
Rich in Chicago October 28, 2010
"Very disappointed in Backwoods Honey Berry 8/5"
Opened two packs of cigars. In first pack, only one of the five cigars was flavored. Opened second pack, none of the five cigars was flavored. Also, cigars were dry and coming apart. I am very disappointed.
Ken in California October 22, 2010
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