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More holes, less quality and a price increase Taste very good
Stanislav in La Vernia Texas June 11, 2014
"great for short smokes"
i mostly smoke the hand made cigar but sometimes i dont have time to smoke the big ones so i buy these bottom line they great for short smokes and i like them
dan the cigar man in ma March 21, 2014
"too many holes or splits in wrapper"
you're lucky to get 3 smokable cigars out of a pack of five.Where's the quality control.
vito in catskill mts. December 3, 2011
"Not like it used to be"
The "new" backwood is actually a lightly stuffed and unsmokeable product. Something has changed in manufacturing and it is not for the better. Save your money and look elsewhere.
Lawrence in DC June 1, 2011
"not bad at all"
i love these cigars... there amazing... no problems with them
nathan in minster February 7, 2011
"Don't Waste Your Money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Holes, holes and more holes. Unsmokeable hole filled cigars. Higher priced with more holes. Oh ya, I almost forgot to mention the number of holes in the "Things". Cigars are smokeable, but not these "Things". Why, because of the numerous HOLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Backwoods Victim in USA November 21, 2010
"More holes, less quality and a price increase"
This company is not doing any of their customers any favors at all. The wrappers have numerous holes preventing any useful smoking of the cigar, less tobacco inside from a couple years back and now they decide to put 5 cigars in the package instead of 8. They must patterning their business after GM. To heck with the customer they'll always be there. NOPE NOT ME !
Robert in Milwaukee November 8, 2010
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