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Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5) Reviews [view details]

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"i need to purchase a case of backwood"
How could you ship me a case of backwood to the bahamas once I send u the funds for the purchase
wensel in freeport bahamas October 25, 2013
"Quality Has Really Gone Up In Smoke"
In the past six months or so, the quality of the Backwoods wrapping has gone way down. Out of the five in a pack, I rarely get two that you can smoke. Either too tight or too many holes that wetting won't fix. Rather than waste them I collect them and smoke 'em in a pipe.
A. L. in California September 7, 2013
"Too Many Thin Holey Ones I Average 3 Out of a Five"
I think the 8 pack should be brought back for the same price if the quality doesn't improve that way u might get 5 good ones out of the 8.
Freezus in D.C. August 11, 2013
The taste was unique, the burn was un even unless you cut off the bush, the smell ,while lit, was inviting.
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, Il June 19, 2013
"love them but loking for alternetive"
years ago the quality was very good but now it got bad full pack dry and full of holes the producer should read some reviews or they gone lose lots of business
Alin in Chicago February 19, 2013
"bad bad wrappers"
I agree with other comments about it being a shame that such a good smoke is often so full of holes that it won't even draw. Not to mention the ones rolled to the hardness of wood (no kidding!). I have purchased these for years but have finally had enough. At my local stores, by the box (40), these guys are a BUCK apiece. Too much when there are fewer than 1/3 of them that are any good. They use leaf with HUGE stems left in for the wrapper. This often leaves leaking seams down the sides. They also often have holes in the wrapper I have measured at 1/4 in in diameter! I would like to find the same cigar as the Sweet Ar. but with a good consistent roll and a clear (or at least sealed) wrapper.
bill in montana January 28, 2013
"Over-priced at retail end, poor quality of wrapper"
Wow, I thought I was the only one noticing the poor draw due to holes/poor wrapping. Uneven burning also makes the cigar "top heavy", where it burns further down one side than the other. The retail mark-up at local grocery stores is simply horrendous, but likely due to State taxes and store profit margins. Certainly not worth $4.50 for a five pack, though this site's prices seem reasonable. Get back to work, Backwoods, and keep your fan base by improving your quality control.
Joel in San Antonio, TX November 26, 2012
"Love them but looking for alternate"
Wonderful, but only half the time; inconsistent quality; therefore, looking for alternatives; any suggestions?
Fahmid in Dubai, UAE August 25, 2012
"great smokes but it's true about the holes"
I agree with recent complaints about the quality. Been smokin them for years and they never had holes until last few years. Still like them enough to put up with it, by why??
John in Ottawa August 11, 2012
"were is the quality"
I just found this great smoke but every pack 3 out of the 5 is to hard to smoke. I would rather spend the same cash on a better smoke even if its only got one. whats wrong with you guys were did the proud to be USA made products go.
bryan in white city July 26, 2012
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