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Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Love the cigar hate the new pack of 5"
I have been buying these for 5-6 years and really enjoyed them plus you gt compliments on the smell of this cigar instead of glares. I will not be purchasing any 5 packs too inconvenient. I liked the 8 in a pack. plus the price raise was just what I needed to stop buying them.
Dennis Brooks in Ohio January 6, 2011
Really enjoy the cigar, but I find at least one cigar out of the pack that is not smokeable because it is to hard to draw on. Very dissapointed in that.
David Blum in Riverview, Florida December 28, 2010
"Only thing good is the taste!"
Have to light each smoke several times.Every pack is different.Like a box of chocolates,never know what you're gonna get.When you get a good one,it's really good.
Ray Miller in Palm Coast,Florida December 22, 2010
"Cut the bullsh@$! Need to change back now!"
8 pack to 5 pack is the stupidest thing that they could've done! Like these smokes. 5 pack sucks a@$!
Paul in Superior, WI December 15, 2010
"pretty darn good"
they are pretty good for a little backwoods smoke and have got a good taste just need a better and less hard draw
cory toepfer in backwoods December 5, 2010
"Great cigar POOR quality"
5 instead of 8 WRONG 1 or 2 unsmokeable come on guys fix it!
Terry Williamson in Lees Summit mo. November 25, 2010
"Not what they use to be"
I'm really upset about the higher price and smaller packaging. I smoke about a pack (of 8) a day and am seriously considering quitting if I don't find an alternative. Imperial Tobacco messed up and ruined a good thing. At least now I can quit and know that I'm not missing much.
Jay Nitti in NYC November 22, 2010
"What were they thinking????"
Not only has the quanity dropped so has the quality. I get 1 to 2 unsmokeable cigars per pack. That really sux in a 5 pack.
Hedge in Philadelphia Pa. November 22, 2010
I love these cigars and smoke them regularly. The quality of the cigar has gone down a now they have made the packs smaller and more expensive. They should have gone the other way and made a 10 pack. I am looking for an alternative.
Kurt in Wisconsin November 14, 2010
"Bad move by Backwoods"
Used to love the cigars. 5-pack is not worth the money. And I like to smoke with my partner now we have an odd number. 5-pack sucks, bring back 8-pack!
GaryB in Florida November 12, 2010
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