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Just received this humidor three days ago and in the process of seasoning. I was very surprised to see how thick the wood is. The fit and finish is very good and there is even a piano hinge,impressive at this price! Once I get my cigars in, I'll write more but so far so good. The Bally Glass Top seems to be a real bargain.
Edward in MI January 1, 2012
"Very pleased!"
Will made nice finish very pleased with my purchase. We all know that the hygrometer should be replaced with a digital hygrometer and Famous has one that should fit in the originals factory hole. Other wise perfect humidor. I will be purchasing another one shortly. Thanks Famous
Dantheeman in Clovis Ca. November 10, 2011
"Don't know yet"
Well i ordered the Bally as my first humidor and a 50 cig for my rum cigars. The bally came in and was stoked until I opened the box and found it to be broken! The ring holding the hygrometer was broke. Thank god i had the fifty to put my cigars in till my replacement gets here...hopefully with some complimentary cigars!!! Can't wait!
James in Colorado September 27, 2011
"My New Bally Humidor"
This humidor is really a masterpiece,well made and looks great visually. only problem is how to get the hygrometer needle go past 50! I'll be glad if any one of you out there could help. I;ve tried almost everything but cant get the required reading!!
Da Humble One in Chicago IL October 26, 2009
"Great Look, greater price!"
The humidor has a very classy apearance. The polished wood and class top will make others believe you paid a lot more for it. I think this humidor is a bit large for a desk top instead I placed mine in the corner of my bar and it fits perfectly. I recommend getting an electronic humidifier it. The $79 Oasis model is a perfect fit or elsey ou'll need a chemistry degree to properly set up the plastic one that comes with it. Overall a great buy. This type of humdifier is sold out on most other cigar sites.
J in Chicago September 14, 2009